Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dawah at the Buffet: Conclusion

Gosh, I'm an idiot.

As I repeated my proud moment at the buffet to my friends last night,they pointed out the part were he asked if I was a [insertcityhere] native. What if had asked me that because he didn't want to offend me by asking "What country did you immigrate from"
THE NERVE! I'm actually angered right now. Well, slightly. And now that I think of it, maybe he was astounded that a hijabi could speak fluent english and WAS BORN in AMERICA!

This reminded me of a similar incident over the summer. I had been working at City Hall as an intern when my father picked me up to get my fingerprints done. Standard protocol, I wasn't in trouble >.> As we entered the Sheriff Dept. as rather large lady stared at me and when my Dad said what we were there for she asked if I spoke english. WHAT! I answered her and really wanted to glare darn it. But no, I answered her nicely and we went through the stupid procedure.

Sometimes, I really am blind to the assumptions people make before I even speak. I guess I have selective memory. Yet I still feel like a fool and if anyone at my school even makes a comment towards me I will seriously slap them.

I need to start standing up for myself ...

-Modest Justice

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