Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Live from my house: Obama's Inauguration

Asalamu Alaikum,

+Coming straight from my couch, I am watching the "historical moment" as we speak.
OH MY GOD I THINK I SAW OBAMA! Haha, take in mind my little sister really wanted to stay home so, I guess I grabbed the chance and stayed home myself. I've never "live blogged" but for the past 40 minutes, I've been seeing past presidents walk through those doors and eager citizens flashing their cameras. Don't the first daughters look absolutely cute in their outfits? I think so :D

+But anyone in a different country watching this? CNN said it's being broadcasted around the world. Unless they're lying o:
+By the way, George Bush's latest approval rating was 22% for the last time.

-takes out tissue- Do you hear that? OMG I SEE OBAMA!
+But I shouldn't take this issue lightly, it shows America has come a long way subhan'allah. When the leader of the world becomes an African American it brings hope to minorities that yeah, they really can become president. When we're not bound by social or racial class, that's something. Oh and that lady speaking at the moment is the Senator of Cali hey hey :]

+Finally! After so many talking, Biden is being sworn in as Vice President. That's a huge Bible. (Did anyone hear about Keith Ellison and when he was sworn in with Jefferson's Koran?)
+Barack Obama just became president; the constitution states his term begins at noon even without oath (CNN said this)

+Well that's it ladies, Obama is now officially the 44th president of the United States, although he forgot some lines, it was eloquent nonetheless :D
+To the Muslims world: OH man he addressed the muslim world who are probably lying on their asses patting each other on a job well done since Israel took out their tanks. HYPOCRITES.
+Poem= Well that was rather long, but very meaningful

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Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

bt im muslim before im black and if doesnt stick to what he said about peace nd wteva he has been on about
we shall become enemies :(

ModestJustice said...

oh my God sis you are too much :D
You're so hilarious xD
"we shall become enemies" You'll keep to your word lol

Sabrina said...

My family watched at my place -- and it really was a great moment to witness.

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