Thursday, January 29, 2009


I feel pretty pissed right now.
And remorseful.
Even though I haven't done a thing wrong

January 29th, 2009 3:30 pm (Yes I know it was today!)
I was in the locker room because I had decided that I was going to join Track and Field. Yeah I said it, track and field! While getting my sweats on and sticking my hijab through my long sleeves I felt the butterflies in my stomach and a mix of nervousness and excitement. Long awaited was this day, the day I would join a sport that I actually had a shot at -besides the fact that no one gets cut-. Now what was the event that I want to work on?
don't laugh


Aww yeah...

Skip to the track scene, people are stretching and chatting while I tug at my hot pink hijab and try to fit in. Luckily I have 'moral' support in the form of a long distance buddy but I knew I'd be by myself when we separate into groups. Soon the coaches come and I introduce myself and say I want to be in the Sprinting event.
"Are you gonna be here for the whole season?" Asks Coach iforgothisname
Thinking Pause

Now listen, this was a spur of the moment thing and I had not informed my parents besides a simple "hey mom can you pick me up at 5 instead? I'm trying out for a sport" and she said okay. I thought I was in the clear yo...But back to the flashback

I don't think I've ever enjoyed running like I do now. It's a challenge, and oddly enough I like challenges. When one pushes themselves to the limit, it feels great to over come that limit. With playing this sport, I can totally improve my mile time and get in shape. Win-Win deal baby! As for what we did, we ran a lap with the entire team, then broke off into groups concerning what we wanted to do. So me and my fellow sprinters and sprinterettes did warmups (windmills anyone?) and I now understand the meaning of butt cramps. I met some girls there that were really nice. I had a class with some of them and I basically spent the time talking to them. ONLY. Okay so I asked this one guy I knew what the hell we were doing next, but COME ON. When we finally finished at 6 pm (-gasp- I know) my dad called me. Turns out he shall be picking me up and today will be my first and last day for Track and Field.
Hold up, what?

Yes, today was my last day. Apparently my father did a background check (whatever that means) and found out guys are here. Well that's a great fact. I thought guys were all over the world. But here? In our little city? Blasphemy! So skip the car ride talk, I cannot do Track and Field. Stupid reason. But I just smiled and said "Okay Daddy :D"

And to you viewers, don't give me that "Respect your parents" crap, I already know that. No time to be preachy preachy dammit. -.-'


-Modest Justice


M.J. said...

:( Same thing happened to me, only my family isn't Muslim, and I still wish I'd been able to do track. I'll make dua for you sis, inshAllah everything will work out!

Sabrina said...

Aww, that's really sad. Do you go to a co-ed school? Because if you do, what's the difference? Also, while participating in track and field (I was a sprinter in high school) you actually have LESS interaction with guys than you do in your classes. In history class, if your teacher assigns groups, you'll be working closely with whoever is in your group -- male or female. You'll meet for study sessions, talk on the phone, exchange numbers, etc. But when you run track, the guys and girls don't even run in the same heats -- you don't help each other stretch, and everyone is focused on themselves, because, unless you're in a relay, running is a very individual sport.
Yeah, you should listen to your parents, but I don't think this one is fair. If I may make a suggestion -- I think you should get your thoughts together, and make a presentation for your parents as to why you should be allowed to participate in a sport. If they say it interferes with your homework or your religious growth, tell them that you'll do study hall (if you have it - it was mandatory for athletes at my high school) and tell them you'll do your dhikr while you run. I swear that's what I used to do - it helped me concentrate. Present your case with the best of manners, and see what they say. After that, if they still say no, then maybe running away is a good idea:) hehe.

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

AAAAAAAAAAGH did u wtch de somali elections
i feel sick
(ignore naz)
btw heya habibtii i cnt beleive a human being can enjoy runin
my bro wud luv me if i cud be bothered
the guy will get up early and jus go runnin
lol bt yeah i think u see boys all de tym
so u shud speak 2 ur parents bout it
nd it shall all be owk
(am nt meant 2 be hre :P)

ModestJustice said...

It's always track -sniff-
Thank you MJ for the du'a sister, insha'allah

Thank you Sabrina for the ingenious idea! I shall present the case tomorrow at 1600 hours and will tell you how it fares. v.v

Naz- I am pushing my friend to come running with me tomorrow >.> But I saw your post on it. OMG A DEMOCRACY? Is this a miracle!

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

sheikh sharif is president itll turn 2 dictator ship
i bet u he will ban women
sis am nt iluvvintage ok
needed 2 let u knw tht lol

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