Friday, June 26, 2009

Airport Malfunction

Asalamu Alaikum you guys,

-yawn- I am so tired/pissed/snkxjlfi!

Let me explain:
My older brother, who just graduated High School, was heading over to Canada to visit our lovely Cousins as a senior trip. For years, our cousins up north (Montreal, Quebec so technically, northeast) have visited us and we basically grew up with them. The cool part about it, we have a cousin my brother's age (male) and cousin my age (female, duh)! So they're like our best friends. And technically my male cousin is my milk brother so when they visited last summer I didn't have to feel guilty about walking around the house without a hijab ( I didn't know at the time that cousins as mahram) ...

Anyway, so my father's friend who worked for United Airlines booked my brother a flight. We got the passport all done and managed to fit everything into one large suitcase and a carry-on!

Last night I had went to a friend's house for their going away party (she's going to Australia to visit her sister for a couple months and then insha'allah attending University in Malaysia... which is so cool by the way :DDD) and came home at 10:30pm, then I wasted another hour on blogger. When my dad called to inform me that we would be waking up at 3am I tried to get to sleep. But these days I can't sleep until 1am so I basically had no sleep. At all. Just laying there staring at the ceiling (did you know you can see shapes?! I saw a goat, a hot air balloon and the door to Narnia. Honest.

Then forced myself up at 3 am (didn't get a wink anyway), did some last minute prepping and headed over to San Francisco Airport. When we got there, of course, I got some stares (jealous of my yellow scarf perhaps?) and waited until my brother was past security and then we went home. I slept the whole car ride back.

When I am unfortunately woken up by mother 3 hours later to look after my younger brother, I ask where my dad and sister went.

"Oh don't you know?"

"They went to the mosque?"

"No, [insert older brother name here]'s ticket was a standby ticket, your Uncle [family friend, no blood relation] got him the wrong one. Your dad went there to figure things out with [insert sister name here]."

"Oh, okay, good night."

"Wake up! Take care of [insert younger brother name here] while I have to take Umma to the doctors. [Umma means mother as most of you know and she's my grandmama :D] WAKE UP NOW!"


So as I got downstairs half asleep in a zombie like trance, I logged onto the computer to check blogger (;]) then my father called me to explain all the crap that went down. United Airlines (the flight he was supposed to go on still took his baggage to D.C where he was going to change flights to Canada. Basically his flight was cancelled due to a Standby ticket (who the eff buys that instead of a real ticket? He only had a chance of going on board, and that was only if someone cancelled their flight making room for him).

I had to buy a new ticket for him (a real ticket, don't worry) and he leaves tomorrow, insha'allah at 7:30 am with a plane change in New York this time (!!! I told him to buy me something nice lol) and he'd arrive in Montreal by 6:45 [EST] insha'allah :]

But his bag is still in Washington D.C, stupid airport D:<

[United Airlines= Suckity suck suck service]

Insha'allah nothing will go wrong! May Allah swt protect my bro and let him get there safely!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

R.I.P Michael Jackson

No, I don't think he's an idol, but an entertainer, a father and a human being.

Sure he's not media fodder anymore and while a day ago people might have criticized they are now 'mourning' and 'questioning' the loss. Many say that Michael Jackson converted to Islam and while I was very doubtful of it in the past, it will definitely do him a great service insha'allah. Another reason why he may be muslim is the statement his brother, known muslim Jermaine Jackson, ended with: "Our family requests that the media please respect our privacy during this tough time, and may Allah be with you Michael, always." Insha'llah, insha'allah

But it's also strong reminder that death can happen at any moment, that we must live in the moment. But live in the moment for God. I also refuse to believe that he actually died, and that maybe the reason most people are questioning the veracity of his death is because it's too surreal. They ask themselves, "If he can die out of nowhere, that means.. so can I." And that's the scary part, in a way.

No matter what anyone says or whether it's haram or just plain 'silly', Michael Jackson was a person, a talented one at that, and I think that his songs will remain timeless and inspirational to countless performers to come.

May Allah swt have mercy on all of our souls, including yours MJ.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Taste the Rainbow!


I was extremely happy when my younger brother 'accidentally' bought Skittles today, and when I looked at the ingredients it said Gluten Free- Gelatin Free (!!!)

The birds sung in the trees, the clouds parted, and the light from heaven shone on the car parked in the deserted Lucky's parking lot. (This all happened after Graduation Party #3, pleasantly located at a park this time so I wouldn't have to dress up, can anyone say football?)

So, yes, I enjoyed eating skittles as we were reunited
and it felt so goooood!

That's all I wanted to say :]
(Graduation Party #4 is next week!)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

'You have 25 missed calls'

You know when you want to enjoy some down-time, relaxation, full-on me time?

And then that annoying (yet beloved) titanic ringtone comes on and you realize someone's calling.

They pop your little bubble of a staycation? (for those of us too broke to afford a real one)

That's been happening to me since the end of school. Which was only 4 days ago!

I mean really people, do you miss me that much? I know my presence and conversation is the very thing you live off (my vanity is typing for me today), but can't you part with me for at least a week before the "OMIGOD WHERE THE FLIPPIN FUDGE CAKES HAVE YOU GONE?!" messages fill my inbox?!

Forgive me for being anti-social you guys.

But I just want to get away from having to speak with living breathing people, besides my family members and even then I shall only grunt and nod, for this weekend. Then you may bombard me with graduation party invites, movie goings and other ho-down shindigs m'kay? (Speaking of which, I can still feel the beat from last night's graduation party #2, only 3 more to go... joy & free food for a week)

I like to get lost in my own imaginary world of books and movies. I even try to shy away from the computer, what with the facebook and the msn and the aim and all the other insta-connections that guarantee mindless conversations with people you've exchanged SNs with for the sole purpose of writing something down in their yearbook. By the way, I'll see you next year so what's the point in wasting precious ink? I also think all of this technology is causing us humans to have an inability to have normal conversations face to face. I'd much rather take a walk around a park and have nice chat then to speak on the cellphone with anyone. I'm that philosophical.

I get that I'm digressing a lot, but it's fun to provide back stories and opinions when you're telling something.. look! I'm digressing at the moment!

So I got a bunch of books from the library, including the four I have to read for Honors English next year. (Holy crap did I turn in the permission slip for it? -thinks- yes I did, thank the Lord)

Since I'm rambling I might as well get to the point.

I hate talking on the phone with friends. Unless I initiate the call and your a person I really like to have interesting conversations with, chances are I'll either ignore the call or talk for about 15 minutes then make up some lame excuse to hang the freak up. Another reason I don't bother is because I'm afraid of developing a brain tumor from the unknown carcinogens in cellphone radiation.

That's also why I don't carry my cellphone in my pocket and hence miss most calls if it's on vibrate.

My phone also broke that way, so I'm left with no screen but I still know who's calling from the touch screen part. Poor baby, may Venus (it's an LG Venus) rest in peace.

OH okay, I typed a lot, that's basically it.

xoxoModestJustice (of course that's me....right?)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Do not apply if smart

I'm pissed right now.

So, previously, before today, I had "ModestJustice is going to be a working girl!" on the right hand side and it was because I had applied for this Summer Youth Work Program thingy on March.

Up until a few days ago, they had not called me back, so I felt pretty dismal and all that hopeless stuff.

Then on the way home from school wednesday (it ended yesterday with my brother graduating... woo!)they called and scheduled a job testing for this afternoon.

Sweet! Imma get the job, thought I.

I dressed up all nice and what not (dress pants anyone?)and my father drove me there.

Being the perfect job-searcher that I am, I was 15 minutes early.

When it was 12 o'clock, the other hopefuls and I shuffled into a small room and began taking a test on basic reading and math.

Jeez, one of the questions was 'This sign says Do Not Enter what does it tell you to do?'


I was sure I'd pass this test and was one of the first ones done. -cough-

So the tester guy told us to stop and after he took the tests for correction, they started calling students out one by one.

I was thinking to myself, "Crap! They called those two asian guys,(I'm not trying to be racist)they did look/are pretty smart, I hope I get the job, I hope I get the job!"

Then they called my name (!)

I jumped out of my seat and walked across the room, thinking "Hell yeah suckers! I just got the job"

My dad was out in the lobby waiting for me and I was escorted into a hallway to talk with one of the directors:

"Congratulations! You had one of the highest scores!"

"Hell yes I did, I kicked those kids' butts." (Okay I really didn't say that, but you bet I was thinking it)

"But, unfortunately, we are only accepting candidates with an average proficiency level of 7th grade or lower."


"Hey! Look at the brightside, you're very good academically but not what were searching for, thank you!"

...So basically, I scored too well?

I mean if you wanted me to flunk, you could've just asked!

The worst part was, this is a job for working in libraries, City Hall, Community Pools, e.t.c. If the kids who make this job can't even read a 'Do Not Enter' sign, I fear for the public.

My father, however, laughed at the absurdity of the time wasted when they could've just written on the application: "Do not apply if smart" And they should have, would've saved me the anger -shakes fist-

And all this time, isn't society encouraging us to get an education to get a job?

Life Sucks. FML

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Graduation Season has begun

Starting yesterday, with the first graduation party of the summer season (yes it is a serious event and my family and I are avid attenders, lol) almost every saturday until mid-July there will be graduations of friends and families.

Except my brothers, he doesn't want one.

Speaking of yesterday, it was the usual, parents party, children go outside and take care of one another or eat/socialize.

The DJ was the brother of the graduate (She's going to UC Irvine woot woot!) and although they played some current music, the majority was ethnic music. (Ethiopian and Somalian music)

Now I'm not going to go into how 'haraam' it was that it was a mixed celebration or -gasp- there was music. There were some other hijabis there but for fulltimers (sadly, part-timers exist) there was me and my two cousin-in-laws.

It lasted until 9pm and although it was just a typical party, I got a new maxi dress out of it! :D

It's blue, it's my first maxi dress, and it's awwweessommee!

Next Saturday is family friend's son graduation and this friday is a mass graduation party including my brothers.

Fun, Fun, Fun

<3 Modest Justice (Don't forget me now!)

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