Thursday, June 25, 2009

R.I.P Michael Jackson

No, I don't think he's an idol, but an entertainer, a father and a human being.

Sure he's not media fodder anymore and while a day ago people might have criticized they are now 'mourning' and 'questioning' the loss. Many say that Michael Jackson converted to Islam and while I was very doubtful of it in the past, it will definitely do him a great service insha'allah. Another reason why he may be muslim is the statement his brother, known muslim Jermaine Jackson, ended with: "Our family requests that the media please respect our privacy during this tough time, and may Allah be with you Michael, always." Insha'llah, insha'allah

But it's also strong reminder that death can happen at any moment, that we must live in the moment. But live in the moment for God. I also refuse to believe that he actually died, and that maybe the reason most people are questioning the veracity of his death is because it's too surreal. They ask themselves, "If he can die out of nowhere, that means.. so can I." And that's the scary part, in a way.

No matter what anyone says or whether it's haram or just plain 'silly', Michael Jackson was a person, a talented one at that, and I think that his songs will remain timeless and inspirational to countless performers to come.

May Allah swt have mercy on all of our souls, including yours MJ.


Maria said...

His brother Jermain is muslim that is why he said that, just cus he said that to his bro don't mean his bro is muslim and even if he was muslim how would thy have janaza im sure he did not have a will

Melda :o) said...

Ameen to your du'ah! I still can't believe he's gone.

You're right, he WAS a human being and it saddens me to see how many people get mad at me for mourning his death. I don't idolize him and I DO realize music is haram but I grew up listening to his songs and watching his videos before Allah took the veil from my eyes and granted me understanding of his beautiful religion. Just because MJ happened to be a musician and a star I'm not allowed to be sad anymore?

@Maria: Only Allah knows whether or not Michael Jackson was a muslim. Insha'allah he was and if so, may Allah have mercy on his soul and grant him Jannah!

Goodbye Jacko, you'll always be in my heart! :'o(

mawaddah said...

salam, yup, actually he converted to Islam. alhamdulillah.. may his soul be with the rest of the mukmins and the pious ones. amin

Anonymous said...

May Allah grant him peace a Jannah. TO Allah we belong and to Allah we will return. Beautiful blog

Maryam said...

The media makes me sick.. They don't care about him dying. They care about the dollar signs.

About Michael being Muslim... Allahu alim. Only Allah knows what was in his heart.

I hope Allah does have mercy on his soul.

btw, look at his smile. MashAllah :)

ModestJustice said...

Maria: Actually, he did have a will. And they haven't said anything particular about his burial. Have hope.

Melda: You're absolutely right! He'll be in all of our hearts and prayers :]


Malek: AMEN AMEN AMEN! Also, thank you sister.

Maryam:He did have a very beautiful smile masha'allah. And you're right, the media just wants ratings so they constantly cover his death and everyone included, right down to a security guard working at the ranch (no not really). But may God grant him peace amen. :)

maryam said...

ok this is completely random..but look..

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