Friday, June 26, 2009

Airport Malfunction

Asalamu Alaikum you guys,

-yawn- I am so tired/pissed/snkxjlfi!

Let me explain:
My older brother, who just graduated High School, was heading over to Canada to visit our lovely Cousins as a senior trip. For years, our cousins up north (Montreal, Quebec so technically, northeast) have visited us and we basically grew up with them. The cool part about it, we have a cousin my brother's age (male) and cousin my age (female, duh)! So they're like our best friends. And technically my male cousin is my milk brother so when they visited last summer I didn't have to feel guilty about walking around the house without a hijab ( I didn't know at the time that cousins as mahram) ...

Anyway, so my father's friend who worked for United Airlines booked my brother a flight. We got the passport all done and managed to fit everything into one large suitcase and a carry-on!

Last night I had went to a friend's house for their going away party (she's going to Australia to visit her sister for a couple months and then insha'allah attending University in Malaysia... which is so cool by the way :DDD) and came home at 10:30pm, then I wasted another hour on blogger. When my dad called to inform me that we would be waking up at 3am I tried to get to sleep. But these days I can't sleep until 1am so I basically had no sleep. At all. Just laying there staring at the ceiling (did you know you can see shapes?! I saw a goat, a hot air balloon and the door to Narnia. Honest.

Then forced myself up at 3 am (didn't get a wink anyway), did some last minute prepping and headed over to San Francisco Airport. When we got there, of course, I got some stares (jealous of my yellow scarf perhaps?) and waited until my brother was past security and then we went home. I slept the whole car ride back.

When I am unfortunately woken up by mother 3 hours later to look after my younger brother, I ask where my dad and sister went.

"Oh don't you know?"

"They went to the mosque?"

"No, [insert older brother name here]'s ticket was a standby ticket, your Uncle [family friend, no blood relation] got him the wrong one. Your dad went there to figure things out with [insert sister name here]."

"Oh, okay, good night."

"Wake up! Take care of [insert younger brother name here] while I have to take Umma to the doctors. [Umma means mother as most of you know and she's my grandmama :D] WAKE UP NOW!"


So as I got downstairs half asleep in a zombie like trance, I logged onto the computer to check blogger (;]) then my father called me to explain all the crap that went down. United Airlines (the flight he was supposed to go on still took his baggage to D.C where he was going to change flights to Canada. Basically his flight was cancelled due to a Standby ticket (who the eff buys that instead of a real ticket? He only had a chance of going on board, and that was only if someone cancelled their flight making room for him).

I had to buy a new ticket for him (a real ticket, don't worry) and he leaves tomorrow, insha'allah at 7:30 am with a plane change in New York this time (!!! I told him to buy me something nice lol) and he'd arrive in Montreal by 6:45 [EST] insha'allah :]

But his bag is still in Washington D.C, stupid airport D:<

[United Airlines= Suckity suck suck service]

Insha'allah nothing will go wrong! May Allah swt protect my bro and let him get there safely!

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