Sunday, June 14, 2009

'You have 25 missed calls'

You know when you want to enjoy some down-time, relaxation, full-on me time?

And then that annoying (yet beloved) titanic ringtone comes on and you realize someone's calling.

They pop your little bubble of a staycation? (for those of us too broke to afford a real one)

That's been happening to me since the end of school. Which was only 4 days ago!

I mean really people, do you miss me that much? I know my presence and conversation is the very thing you live off (my vanity is typing for me today), but can't you part with me for at least a week before the "OMIGOD WHERE THE FLIPPIN FUDGE CAKES HAVE YOU GONE?!" messages fill my inbox?!

Forgive me for being anti-social you guys.

But I just want to get away from having to speak with living breathing people, besides my family members and even then I shall only grunt and nod, for this weekend. Then you may bombard me with graduation party invites, movie goings and other ho-down shindigs m'kay? (Speaking of which, I can still feel the beat from last night's graduation party #2, only 3 more to go... joy & free food for a week)

I like to get lost in my own imaginary world of books and movies. I even try to shy away from the computer, what with the facebook and the msn and the aim and all the other insta-connections that guarantee mindless conversations with people you've exchanged SNs with for the sole purpose of writing something down in their yearbook. By the way, I'll see you next year so what's the point in wasting precious ink? I also think all of this technology is causing us humans to have an inability to have normal conversations face to face. I'd much rather take a walk around a park and have nice chat then to speak on the cellphone with anyone. I'm that philosophical.

I get that I'm digressing a lot, but it's fun to provide back stories and opinions when you're telling something.. look! I'm digressing at the moment!

So I got a bunch of books from the library, including the four I have to read for Honors English next year. (Holy crap did I turn in the permission slip for it? -thinks- yes I did, thank the Lord)

Since I'm rambling I might as well get to the point.

I hate talking on the phone with friends. Unless I initiate the call and your a person I really like to have interesting conversations with, chances are I'll either ignore the call or talk for about 15 minutes then make up some lame excuse to hang the freak up. Another reason I don't bother is because I'm afraid of developing a brain tumor from the unknown carcinogens in cellphone radiation.

That's also why I don't carry my cellphone in my pocket and hence miss most calls if it's on vibrate.

My phone also broke that way, so I'm left with no screen but I still know who's calling from the touch screen part. Poor baby, may Venus (it's an LG Venus) rest in peace.

OH okay, I typed a lot, that's basically it.

xoxoModestJustice (of course that's me....right?)


*~Ange~* said...

lol, you sound like me

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

now that's what i call ma sista!
lol. I got 20 miss calls and 5 text messages today :/ wth, give us a break people!


~PakKaramu~ said...

Pak Karamu reading your blog

Mona said...

Oh to feel so loved. Seriously thought that would be too much.

ModestJustice said...

Ange: lol, great minds think alike

A'qilah: Fo'shizzle my home skizzle! :D Thanks to the screen breakage of my phone (although I still want a new one) no one texts me as often (but the slow-wits ... yes)

PakKaramu: Thanks..

Mona: So much love I'm suffocating c:

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

LOOL ur definetly nt somali

ModestJustice said...

LOL, I'm sure I am! Just a very lazy one!!!

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