Friday, July 31, 2009


Asalamu Alaikum you guys!

I have a question, and although I should ask someone with more knowledge (not that you lovely ladies aren't good enough) because it has to do with the permissibility of something, I just wanted to ask on here as a faster method. lol

Question: "Is it haram to wear fur?"

I know the whole animal rights thing and how killing animals (although we kill them for their meat anyway, why waste the fur?) is wrong. But ironically, I want a fur coat. Like a pretty fur lining or something. (Come on! Don't roll your eyes at me! I'm human, I HAVE NEEDS)So as a kid, 500 peta ads later, I began to believe it was haram.

I'm sure that if an animal wasn't tortured and it died err, the halal way, then getting the fur/skin/whatever off and making it into a nice sweater for me wouldn't be bad?

Anyone wanna answer? (I sent in my question to only to find out someone already asked loool but I still want to know your guys' take on it)

I'm asking about it Islamically, not whatever's politically correct.

Sooo thanks guys (gals) :D

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Arguably the most stupid question in the world

"Would you take off your scarf if it was caught on fire?"

No comment people, seriously, no comment

Monday, July 27, 2009

(Mis)Adventures at the Masjid Part 2

The Youth Qiyam was the best part! (Hey I didn't forget :D)

After Isha Prayer, someone come on the speakers and announced the Youth Qiyam would begin at around 10:30 pm, we saw more 'youth' coming into the prayer hall and were like 'Awesome!'

The first part of the talking would be done in the Men's Prayer Hall (I have no idea why I capitalize this and Women's Prayer Hall ehh whatever), so we ladies shuffled in.

In the masjid, there is a wall separating the two prayer halls and there's some glass so we can see the Imam (plus three large screen TVs -cough- just sayin') and I've always assumed they were a two way mirror type thing. We can see the guys (it's tinted though so not so much) but the dudes can't see us.

But APPARENTLY, they can! Which is the weirdest part, I mean ,what if I wanted to fix my hijab? Funny, before I would've hated the 'barrier' that separated us, but now I understand why it's there. Too bad since they can still see us.

Anyway after praying two rak'ats and hearing the very inspirational story of Brendon Foster, one of the two speakers of the night came and we all started Reflecting on Life and Death (The name of the Qiyam :D)

I took notes on it but apparently my misadventure buddy has it with her (and if she's reading this, I'd like it back lol)

After the praying another two rak'ats, the other guest speaker asked us all to lay down on the ground evenly spaced apart from one another (us girls went back to the Women's Prayer hall even though we could've stayed there lol too awkward)

She asked us to close our eyes and imagine we were dying and that someone was reciting Surutal-Yasin for us

-cue someone reciting the surah-

Then she told us two fates, one of a person who has amassed nothing but bad deeds, the other of one who has good deeds.

Can you guess which one frightened me the most?

After laying down so still I nearly believed I was dead, she asked us to get up and write down a dua'a asking Allah swt to help you change and guide you and what you'll do to better your deen e.t.c :D

Then we prayed two more rak'a and that was the end of that! :D

It was 1:30 am by then and my dad was going to pick us up at around 2.
The Youth Coordinator asked us if we had a ride home and when I explained what time my dad would come, she offered us a ride seeing as how she was going down there to drop off the sister speaker :DDDD

All in all, it was a really great night alhamdulillah!

Any other (Mis)Adventures taking place at the masjid will more or less likely happen during Ramadan :D


Sunday, July 26, 2009

(Mis)Adventures at the Masjid Part 1

Asalamu Alaikum!

I decided to split this post about my Saturday evening into two posts because it's too long for you to read, plus one part will be about how we got there and what we did, while the other post will be about the Qiyam itself. Have fun reading :D

Last night, I went to the Youth Qiyam at my masjid with a friend but it started at 10:30 pm and we got there by 8.

The masjid was like a ghost town

-tumbleweed blows down the hallway-

Friend: What do we do now?
Me: Let's see if the bookstore's open! :D

"Bookstore closes at 7pm"

Us: Darn.

Let's go see if Yaseen's Corner is open! (Name of old restuarant, we don't care what the new name is)

"Resturant closes during prayer times"

Us: Dang it!

Me: It must be time to pray Maghraib!

-We hear Imam reciting-

*run to prayer hall*

They're lined up and are in sujood.

So we didn't know they'd completed the first rak'a already and just finished with them.

-5 minutes later Old lady walks up to us-

Saying all this in somali, "Asalamu Alaikum girls, you guys didn't pray the first rak'a over -smile-"

And I just stare at her like an idiot because I can't respond back -very limited- So I wait for my friend to respond.

Short story: We agree that we're mutually embarassed and redo the prayer all the while having the arab old ladies look at us from across the room. (Note: Not a lot of people in the masjid on saturday night)

Me: Let's go back to Yaseen's corner, maybe it's open now!"

And we're not disappointed this time!

Me to senile(but nice) cashier: Uhh, can I have curly fries?
Cashier:-slowly writes it down on paper- $2.50 please
Me: -hands money- how many minutes?
Cashier: 5 minutes sister

We sit in one of the many tables and look around at the crowd: some guy on his laptop, a kid texting, and two old guys talking over tea.
Wild times.

When we get our fries our other friend calls to tell us she can't make it and then we wonder if any other 'young people' will actually come to this event.

Friend: What if it's cancelled and we're stuck here until 3?! (When my dad planned on picking us up)

Being stuck in masjid can actually be a pretty freaky thing when there's not so many people and most of the reading material is in a language you don't understand.
(Point of interest: Did you know playing chess is makruh? I didn't until I read Sahih Muslim!)

Before Isha we went into the prayer hall and made sure we were there first! But this is where mistake number two comes in.

-hears adhan-
Friend: Do we pray now?
Me: -looks around- no ones getting up
Friend: Maybe they can't pray
Me: Okaay..

So we go to the front and after much delibration (nervous talking) we pray Isha.

Friend: Whew! I thought we were going to hear the call to prayer and look like idiots again, yay! :D



-to be continued in post two-

Thursday, July 23, 2009

When bugs attack

After killing one of the four little brown bugs I've seen around the house today and letting the other 3 go, my mother took me to the kitchen and opened a cupboard.
"Are these the ones you've been seeing?"

And in the flour were bugs, EVERYWHERE! I screamed and ran to the living room.

Now we're cleaning out the cupboard (read: She is, I'm in the dining room wearing sandals and cowering on top of a chair like a baby, I also happen to have my laptop)

I feel soooo digusting right now, I need to take a shower, those bugs freak the heck out me. And when did my mother discover this? Why wasn't I informed of the bug invasion sooner so I could hide under my bed. D:

And I didn't put a picture because I don't need any more visuals, bugs scare the heck out of me. I'm such a big baby.

No Eyebrows: Hot or Not?

(This photo is photoshopped but I forgot to mention it, thanks to Habibti for mentioning it!)


(This, however, is not photoshopped, Whoopi doesn't have eyebrows.. and I've never noticed)

When I saw this article on MSN Today, I kinda got freaked out.
I mean, if shaping one's eyebrows is haram, imagine the punishment on shaving off your eyebrows!!

Fashion is getting out of hand and if this is trendy... I don't want it O_O;

What do you think?

(And why we need eyebrows : DDDD

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I talked with Sister A'qilah!

LOL so after having her msn for like a reeaally long time, we've finally been on MSN at the same time! (Different Time zones)
It was nice talking to her! (You rock A'qilah!)

I'd give you my msn, but I don't want to be flashed ._.; So just ask lol

I usually go on MSN to talk to ma cousine but now I'm talking with other muslimah bloggers too! (Now if only Naz got online at the same time)

And I learned some Canadian-French curse words! (All church words apparently so I'm very sorry if I offend anyone by posting these words, I don't even know why they use them)
It's a bit odd my cousin, who is muslim, says this.

What does it even mean?

Update: I googled it and found this article-

And while I was talking to my cousin I kept saying these words and she said 'Why are you cursing so much?!' loooool!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

'I don't care how comfortable crocs are, you look like a dumbass'

True Facebook Fan page, lol!

But that's not the point of this post. Guess what I saw today?! :DDD

No, not Bruno (more on that later)

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!

Don't worry I promise not to spoil it for you guys (although I already read the book)

Alhamdulillah it was fun! I even got a Harry Potter shirt (with the entire cast, my parents would be suspicious if I came home with a picture of a guy on my shirt)

It was me and my friends who were mostly hijabis; we were getting stares left and right, shows you how cool we looked B)I even saw some muslims at the Mall, although it's particular awkward when it's a couple and you don't know who to say salaams to first(whoever looks at you first I guess)

Anyway, I lost my ticket to the movie (I'm such a loser) and the ticket lady kindly gave me another one. Overall, I had a great time! Tomorrow I'll be seeing HP:HBP (Harry Potter 6) with my family and maybe sometime this week with another group of friends who haven't seen it. You best believe I'll be wearing the shirt (I should upload a pic of it sometime :DDD)

Now onto that Bruno thing;
After HBP, we had some time left before we were going to go home and decided to sneak into Bruno halfway.
In the 15 minutes we were watching it some of it was funny (the second stage gay convertor), some were awkward(" A bear ate all my clothes.. can I sleep in your tent with you?") and when he entered the swingers party and we saw the censors, we ran out.

At least we didn't pay to walk out of a movie, like some people, lol. And that's that! Come back tomorrow for another episode of "Where's ModestJustice!"

Update: Requested by Generous_Munira HBP Teaser Trailer :DDD

Saturday, July 18, 2009


And I can't scratch it unless I want my gums to bleed! D:

I have Oral Allergy Syndrome which means I'm allergic to certain fresh fruits and raw vegetables. Such as:

-I think Pineapple

and that's all that I can think of at the moment. But I still eat them :D My reaction to each of them is very different, so the ones I eat all the time (grapes) only cause my lips to slightly swell- I'll never have to buy a lip plumper again! But APPLES I DETEST! They cause my throat and gum to itch and if it touches my lips, that'll swell too. (You can probably guess which fruit I ate now)
The reactions generally do not last so long, just a couple of minutes because the protein I'm allergic to is quickly broken down by saliva. I don't notice the itching anymore and it gives me the greatest excuse to not eat my fruits and veggies (besides broccoli, I love broccoli! I know, I'm not a normal kid >.>)

See! In the minutes it took me to write this post, it's gone now :D
Oooh look, carrots! :DDDD

P.s This puts a serious pothole in my journey back to (semi)vegetarianism.

Friday, July 17, 2009

I've been cheating on Dairy

Yes Dairy, I have to make my affair public! Over the years you have been the substance in my cereals, the tall glass of milk for my oreos, essentially, you were the peanut butter to my jelly (or milk to my cookie).

No one in this glass-o-milk drinkin' country would ever think to discard you and replace with another.
But I couldn't resist!

Who is it you ask? Who have I replaced my beverage of choice with?

Well, it's vanilla flavored.


No, not Soy Milk! I don't like the aftertaste!




Okay real story:
When I wrote that '10 things' tag, it brought back all the benefits of Vegeterianism, so although I love my goat meat too much, I thought about the pros/cons of milk.
I mean really, why do you think children only have to be breastfeed until 2? Because after then we really do not need milk, plain and simple. Do any of us see a goat drinking cows milk? Or a goat drinking any goat milk after their a kid? Nope.
And whatever 'health' benefits you get from milk don't seem to be much.

Look at the 'Got Milk' campaign, it claims that milk gives you PLENTY of calcium. As in a whole days worth. The recommended daily allowance of calcium is approximately 800-1000 mg, although 1200 mg is ideal, according to the most recent update by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Calcium comprises a crucial aspect of human health. Not only is calcium needed for muscle contraction, but calcium lends to our bone structure, bone recovery (re-calcification), and bone health as well. In short, we need calcium to live. And a bunch of other vitamins and minerals but we're discussing milk here.

According to the "Not Milk" campaign, milk contains less calcium per given amount than other foods. Meaning, we could get better souces somewhere else than terrorize a poor cow by impregnating it time and time again just so you could get your grubby paws on a glass of milk. So this end of milk consuming is a health and animal rights issue with me. But I'm not saying all dairy farmers treat their cows bad, some do and either way the milk isn't helping me a bit.

I just think drinking cow's milk isn't natural for human beings. Which is why a good portion of humans are lactose intolerant. Lactose intolerance can result from two things: either through a natural enzyme deficiency, which prevents the body from digesting milk sugars, or through an allergy to milk itself. Thankfully I'm not lactose intolerant (because even if I give up milk, I'd still be eating other dairy products) but now plenty of people who are.

Hormones in my milk is another issue. (However if you buy organic than that's much better) Many dairy producers use rBGH as a way to increase milk production in their cows, resulting in up to 20% more production. However, the hormone causes udder inflammation in cows, which can lead to the contamination of the milk from secreted pus common in udder inflammation. Also, antibiotics used to treat inflammation have been discovered in trace amounts in the milk. Such contamination leads many people to wonder whether milk is safe for daily human consumption.

Overall, I'm not here to convert you to 'leave milk'-ism but just to share something new and tasty that I've tried out and enjoy :D Milk does do a lot of good and has some negative effects, (and is totally not necessary for a proper diet when there are other fruits and vegetables with much more calcium, but hey that's just my opinion)so thanks for reading this rather long post/rant! Have a nice day :D

Your Almondmilkdrinking Sister,

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Crap, what am I getting myself into?

So Sukkar posted something about two atheists arguing over banning the burka:
There was the pro-burka (he's against the ban)
and the anti-burka
(he's for the ban)
both have bad language in the vids so I warn you.

But what have I done?


I commented
on the anti-burka one, because the pro one had comments disabled. You can actually see my name there! (ModestJustice hehe)

But now I have to brace the storm as idiot after idiot will post their 'counter arguments' and see people insult Islam and hijab.

Back up! Back up needed! MAN DOWN, MAN DOWN!!!!

Oh man I can see my inbox filled with "Reply to...."

If you feel like debating with idiots come prepared.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kill two birds with one stone

(Decided to write post today instead of last night, too tired, sorry :D)

I feel so honored that people tag me >3< Alysha from V.I Couture and the 'Honest Scraps' tag from Maryam from Marymimi13 :D

Numero Uno: I hate confrontation, I hate it, hate it, hate it! Sure in my head, I go up to the person and conflict-resolution, but I'm such a big baby I usually send someone else to do the dirty work. (PA: Sorry for finding a new MSA Advisor and not telling you myself! >.> )

Two: If I could, I would live in my room for days and watch nothing but movies. So much so, that by the time I came out I wouldn't know what day it was and would start talking in a british accent - I love the show The Tudors-

Three: I love horror movies but then I can't sleep at night unless someone's in the room with me (I don't need a nightlight! Muwaha!)

Four: I'm vain and conceited, but in a sarcastic way. The sarcasm fools you into thinking I don't mean it when I do ohhh I do :D

Five: I love the Harry Potter Series, it's amazing and I'm wetting my pants in anticipation for the movie coming out this week. That reminds me, I need to go buy a HP shirt and paint my face red and gold (GO GRYFFINDOR!) for the premiere.

Six: I get distracted easily, like right now! I was supposed to be finishing this but when off to look at other blogs, you people are just so interesting! :D

Seven: I was vegetarian throughout middle school, my parents hated it but I had two other friends who were and I had this huge book about it. Still never tried tofu though.

Eight: I love music, I know the ruling(s) on it but I bought an iPod people! That's a 250 dollar investment!

Nine: I wonder if they make reversible abayahs? I wonder a lot.

Ten: Yay I'm done! It took me two hours, but I'm done! :D

-gives pat on back- I deserve a cookie for that.

A Conundrum that would only affect me

Or any other girly-girl who can't decide what to wear!!

Today is the pool party that I've been looking forward to and... since I suck at polyvore, I need to know:

If I wear a orange/reddish plaid shirt, and white skirt, and I hate the white hijab that I have, what will be the hijab color?

I need to go get ready now because I leave in 2 hours, but help would be nice D:

Since most of the girls there do not wear hijab and will be taking pictures, I need to wear a headscarf for all of the candid shots, sadly D:

But insha'Allah I'll have fun :D

(All other posts planned for today will take place 7 hours from now, toodles!)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Awards sure get around

Thank you to Alysha from V.I Couture for giving me this award:

I didn't know my blog was adorable :D -overlooks cutesy floral background-

And those few, those proud 5 who shall also be receiving this reward (I'm still mulling over it)

In no particular order:

-Sister Naz from Naz and A'qilah
-Sister A'qilah from Here for the Hereafter
-Sister PerplxinTexan from I Beg to Differ
-Sister Sukkar&Filfil from Sukkar&Filfil's Delightful Fikradooyin
-And dearest Sister Lisa from A Journey Westward from Tartary
(Although Lisa, I wouldn't call your blog adorable- more like thought provoking-, maybe just your son Yusuf :])

And that's that! Congratulations to the winners and we'll be back next time in another round of "Gimme that Award!"

Thank you for joining us and I'm your hostess: Modest Justice (staying adorable all week!)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

To all my American(and non-american, I know Canada Day was a couple days ago! -shakes fist-) readers, HAPPY 4th of JULY!

Whether you hate America or love it, it's still a day to bring out sparklers and matching hijabs and maybe watch fireworks.

Well, at least you guys can. My city couldn't afford its yearly concert + fireworks.

Insha'allah we'll be going over to my Aunt's house, where we will be playing with unsafe sparklers, firecrackers, oh and ducks :D (or is it geese?)

Note: If any Californian Police happen to come across this blog, I AM KIDDING. I found out they're illegal a couple minutes ago and do not have a store of them in the trunk of my car. Thank you and have a safe Fourth.

Dang it, okay so I'll basically be complaining about how the law sucks is doing a very great job while eating barbecue. UNLESS THAT'S ILLEGAL TOO!

Enough of my problems, go out there! Celebrate the birth of our nation and enjoy your freedoms while you can! (Before you become senile and think you live in like, Austria or something- do they even have an independence day? Who were they ever dependent on? Such questions unanswered!!!)

Again, Happy Fourth! And be safe! Don't drink soda and drive!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Why I'd rather stay home and glare at the kiddies than be caught dead in these

Next weekend, my friend is going to be having a Pool Party.
Ahh yes, the dreaded pool party, not because of the cellulite (which is totally non-existent)but because I need a -drum roll-


Now now! Don't choke from rolling on the floor laughing (rofl anyone?) It's not uncommon to see a hijabi looking for a decent swimsuit. Amirite?

-crickets chirp-

Oh whatever! Although it's an all girls event and I'm trying to get my friend to forbid cameras after we get into the pool, I'm still looking for an modest swimsuit for my more often, public pool excursions. Or the beach. You know how you're always the one in the corner of the pool glaring at all the kiddies and guys able to swim without any inhibitions while you froth and bubble in rage. Or sunburn.
Or both.

Which is why I'm trying to find a decent swimsuit UNDER $100. I don't need to spend a couple month's allowance on a swimsuit I'll only use during the summer -pfft-!(And we wonder why a lot of hijabis don't swim in public)

I mean, I'm not in dire need of a modest swimsuit, but having one in the closet is always great for the random trips to the beach. Even though I'd probably never step two feet outside in them.

Seriously, all the modest swimsuits out there just don't seem to be as.. good. Ya know?

They're either too tight

Image taken from

or they're just plain ugly.

Image taken from

Can I get an 'AMEN'? Or not, but I'm sure you understand where I'm coming from.

But some swimsuits can look so good and have the worst 'tops/hat/deflatedballoon' type hijabs.

Image taken from

Like, what IS a hijood?! And why would I put it on my head? Sorry Ahiida, I love the concept of your suits but they're just not my style. Wearing a balloon on my head is way too humiliating. Even in private.

But not all muslims swimsuits are defeating in their purpose or lacking in taste.

Image taken from Price: $109.00

Image taken from Price: $125.00 for Shirt/Pants/Hood combo

Even these decent ones that I would purchase are over $100. Maybe it pays to have good quality? Probably, but I don't see why a lycra hood has to cost $15.00
Call me cheapo or Miss Greedy Pants (actual nickname, Miss Grouchy Pants thank you very much) but I'll stick to shorts and a shirt. Again.

How disappointing muslim fashionistas! Can't you at least make a decent modest swimsuit under $50? (Total, not each, and if any of you debuting swimwear designers happens to make it cheap, you can contact me and I'll be seeing discounts coming my way for inspiring you ;D -cough- -cough- Oh dear, I have a cold!)

Well I'm done for now, it's almost midnight but I spent an hour writing this post for you lovely readers. And I better get more comments!

Funeral,Birthday, and Wedding Announcements

Mission: ♥

-blows kisses to followers- Thank you for making me feel special and that my blog actually means something. Each and everyone of you has made a difference by keeping this blog alive.

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