Monday, July 27, 2009

(Mis)Adventures at the Masjid Part 2

The Youth Qiyam was the best part! (Hey I didn't forget :D)

After Isha Prayer, someone come on the speakers and announced the Youth Qiyam would begin at around 10:30 pm, we saw more 'youth' coming into the prayer hall and were like 'Awesome!'

The first part of the talking would be done in the Men's Prayer Hall (I have no idea why I capitalize this and Women's Prayer Hall ehh whatever), so we ladies shuffled in.

In the masjid, there is a wall separating the two prayer halls and there's some glass so we can see the Imam (plus three large screen TVs -cough- just sayin') and I've always assumed they were a two way mirror type thing. We can see the guys (it's tinted though so not so much) but the dudes can't see us.

But APPARENTLY, they can! Which is the weirdest part, I mean ,what if I wanted to fix my hijab? Funny, before I would've hated the 'barrier' that separated us, but now I understand why it's there. Too bad since they can still see us.

Anyway after praying two rak'ats and hearing the very inspirational story of Brendon Foster, one of the two speakers of the night came and we all started Reflecting on Life and Death (The name of the Qiyam :D)

I took notes on it but apparently my misadventure buddy has it with her (and if she's reading this, I'd like it back lol)

After the praying another two rak'ats, the other guest speaker asked us all to lay down on the ground evenly spaced apart from one another (us girls went back to the Women's Prayer hall even though we could've stayed there lol too awkward)

She asked us to close our eyes and imagine we were dying and that someone was reciting Surutal-Yasin for us

-cue someone reciting the surah-

Then she told us two fates, one of a person who has amassed nothing but bad deeds, the other of one who has good deeds.

Can you guess which one frightened me the most?

After laying down so still I nearly believed I was dead, she asked us to get up and write down a dua'a asking Allah swt to help you change and guide you and what you'll do to better your deen e.t.c :D

Then we prayed two more rak'a and that was the end of that! :D

It was 1:30 am by then and my dad was going to pick us up at around 2.
The Youth Coordinator asked us if we had a ride home and when I explained what time my dad would come, she offered us a ride seeing as how she was going down there to drop off the sister speaker :DDDD

All in all, it was a really great night alhamdulillah!

Any other (Mis)Adventures taking place at the masjid will more or less likely happen during Ramadan :D



Sarah Alaoui said...

Ramadan there is SO crowded, but so nice : )

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

I just checked out Brendan Foster's story. His heart is way beyond his years. Makes you want to get out there and do something for others instead of just yourself.

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

lool aww mashallah very sweet and islamic
i know the mens prayer hall scares me
its like i an be in the same room as them anywhere bt the masjid
they made us sit with the men in ramadan tahajud nights
soo awkward so they let us go back to our prayer hall
they figured wed rather be scared then be around them:p
i cant wait 4 ramadan

Lazeena Umm Yusuf said...

Wow that sounds like a great youth program mashaAllah!!

ModestJustice said...

Sarah Alaoui: Yes it is!! But that's what I love about it, better than no one ._.;;

Stacy aka Fahiima: It really does, and to appreciate each day we have alhamdulillah!

Naz: LOL, it is really awkward!! To get to the banquet hall there I have to pass the men's hall and a bunch of dudes come out so I always look soemwhere else, awkward xD And YAY! I can't wait for Ramadan either :]

Lazeena Umm Yusuf: It is, alhamdulillah, I just wish I could attend all the great programs they have :P

Anonymous said...

you should get your masjid's glass wall fixed. it should be a concrete hard, no-holes-through barrier between men and women!

next time you are there, scream "haraaaaaaaam, wallaaaaahi, haraaaaam"

sultani said...

Yeah sister!!

Nice piece. Where is the last adventure??

sultani said...

Separating men and women in the mosques is rather nelwy found Saudi Wahabi artwork!! Early muslims did not hve such queer way of humumiliating women. In the UAE, you canot even find a place to pray in the mosque if you r woman. HARAAAMMM. I scream..Haraaaam

sab said...

Wow. I can't partake in activities like that -- I start to have an anxiety attack. But I guess that's the whole point, right? To have those feelings so you can change your life. May Allah (swt) guide us all, and make us among those that have a peaceful rest in the grave. Ameen.
Thanks for the link on examiner. I missed the 'e,' and you have a good eye, mashallah:)

ModestJustice said...

Sukkar: Naya, if they had that then they should put in some tvs too, I just like visuals more than audio. :D

Sultani: The first part is under this post lol, and even though most masjids aren't as pimped out as mine, separating the men and women has it's benefits. i.e niqabis can loosen their niqabs, and we can fix our hijabs and just chill without worrying about which guy up front is secretly eyeing us. The separation is just my preference.

Sabs: Ameen to all of that! Oh and no problem, that dress was gorgeous and I wanted to see where I could get me some! :]

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