Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I talked with Sister A'qilah!

LOL so after having her msn for like a reeaally long time, we've finally been on MSN at the same time! (Different Time zones)
It was nice talking to her! (You rock A'qilah!)

I'd give you my msn, but I don't want to be flashed ._.; So just ask lol

I usually go on MSN to talk to ma cousine but now I'm talking with other muslimah bloggers too! (Now if only Naz got online at the same time)

And I learned some Canadian-French curse words! (All church words apparently so I'm very sorry if I offend anyone by posting these words, I don't even know why they use them)
It's a bit odd my cousin, who is muslim, says this.

What does it even mean?

Update: I googled it and found this article-

And while I was talking to my cousin I kept saying these words and she said 'Why are you cursing so much?!' loooool!


Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

looooool dude u dont have my msn
i think
ask aqilah for it
yeh aqilah rocks
me nd u gt closer time zones den u an aqilah tho dese days i dnt sleep late
ill tlk u wen i go bk hme

Candice said...

I'm from Quebec and I agree with the article you linked to. It's because of the influence Church had on everyone's life. When I explain our swearing in English, it sounds so weird. We can fit one of the MANY swearwords almost anywhere, and can chain them up together. I don't swear in French though... I do in English, but it feels so much more vulgar in French for some reason. A lot of people use the words very freely and I am not uncomfortable with them using it, I just feel uncomfortable using it myself. It's not "me".

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

Omg Awwwwww :) Yeh sis great that we talked mashaAllah :)

Looking forward to talking to you again insya'Allah :) <3


Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

ok i added u

Maryam said...

give me your!

:) Pretty please *with a cherry on top*

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