Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Conundrum that would only affect me

Or any other girly-girl who can't decide what to wear!!

Today is the pool party that I've been looking forward to and... since I suck at polyvore, I need to know:

If I wear a orange/reddish plaid shirt, and white skirt, and I hate the white hijab that I have, what will be the hijab color?

I need to go get ready now because I leave in 2 hours, but help would be nice D:

Since most of the girls there do not wear hijab and will be taking pictures, I need to wear a headscarf for all of the candid shots, sadly D:

But insha'Allah I'll have fun :D

(All other posts planned for today will take place 7 hours from now, toodles!)


Ldn.Hijabi said...

The skirts plaid right? So there must be a few different colours on it..or at least different shades..

Pick a hijab that is the same colour as one of the shades/colours, but NOT of the main colour..otherwise you'll look a bit matchy matchy =|

Mona said...

Ldn.Hijabi is exactly right!

Cecilia said...

I agree with Ldn hijabi aswell! good luck!

Lisa said...

I just awarded you at my public blog! Love you lots!

Maryam said...

How'd it go?

BTW... tag! you're it

ModestJustice said...

Thank you so much you guys! I had a great time and the skirt was white but the shirt was plaid :D I took Ldn.Hijabi's advice and it looked fantastic! :D Again, thank you guys, I had a blast!

Lisa & Maryam: Aww! Thank you guys :D
I'll do posts on that now :3

Ldn.Hijabi said...

Lol I can't read..=|

But if I had read it right, I would have given u the same advice =)

Sukkar&Filfil said...

hey walal... l8 i know, so my jealosy won't affect you, LOL. hope u enjoyed it xXx

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

Seeing as how it's Sunday I'm assuming you already left. I would change the skirt color or call a friend who's going and see if you can bum 1 from her.

it depends on the type of plaid to. If the plaid wasn't an absolute (ish) white in the bg, it would clash.

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

heey uu
tht was a weird pik of a ball lol
i hpe u had fun
or did u already say u had fun
shit i wanna go 2 a pool party
anyways take care princess
add me on msn den

ModestJustice said...

Sukkar: I did have fun! Thanks lol, and no evil eye! lol

Perplxin: >.> It clashed..So I changed to brown and wore a brown cardigan over the plaid but it didn't matter because I wore skinny jeans underneath since it was all-girls :D Thanks still!!

Naz: I already had fun lol and I'm sure there are pools in London/France wherever you'll be! :D And if I'm a princess do I get to have a tiara? :3 Oh and don't worry LOL I finally added A'qilah, now I have to be online at the same time to get yours :D

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