Friday, July 31, 2009


Asalamu Alaikum you guys!

I have a question, and although I should ask someone with more knowledge (not that you lovely ladies aren't good enough) because it has to do with the permissibility of something, I just wanted to ask on here as a faster method. lol

Question: "Is it haram to wear fur?"

I know the whole animal rights thing and how killing animals (although we kill them for their meat anyway, why waste the fur?) is wrong. But ironically, I want a fur coat. Like a pretty fur lining or something. (Come on! Don't roll your eyes at me! I'm human, I HAVE NEEDS)So as a kid, 500 peta ads later, I began to believe it was haram.

I'm sure that if an animal wasn't tortured and it died err, the halal way, then getting the fur/skin/whatever off and making it into a nice sweater for me wouldn't be bad?

Anyone wanna answer? (I sent in my question to only to find out someone already asked loool but I still want to know your guys' take on it)

I'm asking about it Islamically, not whatever's politically correct.

Sooo thanks guys (gals) :D


Skye said...

salaamz sis,sorry i dont know the answer to this 1 but its a very good question..Let us know when u get a reply...

Melda :o) said...

Assalamu alaikum sis :o)

Ok, here's what I think...A sister once asked a question about hunting, she wanted to know whether it was haram for muslims to hunt animals or not. My teacher told her we do not hunt for fun but if someone would hunt an animal for food, to eat it, it would be ok. I think if you were to go out, hunt down an animal, prepare it for dinner and then use the fur to make yourself a coat or something out of it, it would be ok. But to go out and buy fur when you know that those poor creatures were bred for only that purpose...I don't think it's right. I'm not saying it's haram because I wouldn't know if it is and I can't make haram what Allah (swt) made halal.

Why don't you get yourself some imitation fur? I really don't understand why anyone would want to wear fur at all but to each their own I guess...

Mahdiya said...

Buying 'vintage' fur would be better than getting an animal skinned for the sake of an item of clothing. And also a fur coat would be mandatory in say, the arctic but not necessary in milder climates. In the Qur'an, animals are described as having 'communities' like us.

The Prophet SAW once said something like, when the reason for a sunnah act does not apply to the situation then it is no longer a sunnah act.

I'm not 100% sure about this happening all the time but in the animal trade they tend to breed the same animals for different purposes because they want to make as much money as possible. Take cows for example, meaty cows wouldn't be great for milk production but larger fat-fed ones would be perfect.

That's jut my opinion.

Hijabee said...

I guess it would depend on how the fur was obtained i-e whether the animal was tortured or not during the process, but I really don't know. Curious to know what answer you got from Sunnipath

Mona said...

I agree it depends on how it is obtained but lets be honest. Any fur coat you're going to buy is going to be obtained by murder and its yucky to wear a carcass.

Yasemin said...

I think that Islamically it's not okay in it's current practice UNLESS it was VERY cold (blizzard conditions and you had nothing else to wear). Kind of like how you can eat pork in extreme cases.

The reason it's not Islamic is that it is

1) not done halal
2) animals are very tortured, often moms taken away from babies, and vice-versa
3) Islam said not to hunt for fun, which I take to mean ONLY for food and nourishment.

Mot animals made for fur are NOT used for food. One thing that COULD be permissible is making goat leather out of a goat carcass used for food. This would likely be ok.

But, making a coat out of a baby lamb, a crocodile handbag, PUHLEASE! Love you lots sweetie!

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

lol jus leave it sis
and get fke fur
i like tiger skinbt i also like tigers id feel so bad if i was wearing a real tortured one ;(
u knw i tld u bout mvin stuff
de internet went and now its back
although its superslow
so inshallah ill talk2 u 2dai
naz :)

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