Sunday, July 12, 2009

Crap, what am I getting myself into?

So Sukkar posted something about two atheists arguing over banning the burka:
There was the pro-burka (he's against the ban)
and the anti-burka
(he's for the ban)
both have bad language in the vids so I warn you.

But what have I done?


I commented
on the anti-burka one, because the pro one had comments disabled. You can actually see my name there! (ModestJustice hehe)

But now I have to brace the storm as idiot after idiot will post their 'counter arguments' and see people insult Islam and hijab.

Back up! Back up needed! MAN DOWN, MAN DOWN!!!!

Oh man I can see my inbox filled with "Reply to...."

If you feel like debating with idiots come prepared.


Alysha said...

Oh no! I'm a comin'!

I try not to comment on those types of things cos I get so hot and bothered that it really just goes against my general nature - I like being happy! But sometimes... I almost wrote a letter to the editor about that whole debate the other week but conveniently forgot to!! ;o)

أم ترافيس said...

I agree. Arguing with some ppl is just a big headache! Good for you though to try!

Mona said...

Some people are useless to argue with because they are just ignorant and closed minded.

Anonymous said...

You are funny lol! Is this about France baning burka/hijab?

ModestJustice said...

Alysha: It does make me very angry and a bit sad that people are so ignorant, so yeah I guess I kind of put these kinds of videos 'under the rug' and just forget about them. It's all about being happy! :DD

Umm Travis: Thanks but the bad outweighed the good in this case, thankfully I'm not one of those who get very emotional when they see their religion being slandered D: (Plus my speakers are broken, hehe)

Mona: So very true.

Anon: Thanks :D, and yeah it is about France banning the 'burka' when it's called niqab and abaya. Such misnomers -sigh-

Anonymous said...

hahaha... maxaa kuu geystay walal? i guess i shoul'av warned you never to get involved with blind white stubborn mules. i'll drop a comment to help you by, inshaAllah, LOL.

Coffee Catholic said...

The nuerotic need of some women to "disguise" themselves?

Well, sir... maybe they're trying to disguise themselves from pompous asses like YOU!

It's amazing how many people suddenly care about the burka and call it oppression... but no one will cry for the banning of world hunger.

All this energy spent on howling about something so ancient there's not been a time when mankind existed that it didn't exist ~ the burka.

Imagine what these 15,000+ commentors to that video could do if they spent just that bit of energy doing something about world hunger!

Umm Ismail said...

Well When Dealing the Kaafr you will have to expect that. Next Like some Muslim Don't like the truth and don't wanna Hear it .Say you peace and Gooooooooo Peace out. What has been established in are Religion Is evident no need to fight Proof not even a kaafur will win. So leave them and move on ignore. they will insult Islam because they have something to insult what does a Atheist have Rocks, emptiness. you can't lead the horse and make it drink defend what u need to defend don't go farther than that you can pick up a Cyber Stalker

Ms.Unique said...

Assalamualikum ... this is the first time I've been to your blog ... nice one ....

LOL ... Yeah U r rite we have to b prepared for such debate ...

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

Yuur going tonight right? Me and my friend ghada just took black jilbabs and made gold lighting bolts for the backs of we match dumbledore!

Maverick said...


Been schooling such folks on the 'net for years [more than 10 years].

The only thing you can really do is:

a) Lay down a coherent and compelling value proposition.

b) Either you ignore insults, or you make sure the insults you dish out are just way better in quality and pain, although I advise against this because it dilutes your stance with unhelpful noise

c) Ensure that they agree that you have the right to your opinion, and that they have the right to theirs. Then once you're done explaining where Islam and Muslims stand, you just leave it.

ModestJustice said...

Sukkar: I really don't know ._. I just got angry and tried to 'prove' them wrong, when we already know they are :D LOL stubborn mules. Thanks for having my back!

Coffee Catholic: Seriously! If they all put such effort into something for the 'greater good' of humanity (and not for something that totally goes against basic human rights
) then this world might be a better place. -hmph-

Umm Ismail: Very well said sister! And I'll stop o-o I don't think I want a cyber stalker -shiver-

Ms.Unique: Wa alaikum salam sister :] And thank you! 'Expect the unexpected'

Perplxin: -sigh- I couldn't, my father couldn't drop me over, I mean pssh it's only at midnight! Not so bad! I hope you had fun though D: And now I am so taking your jilbab idea for this saturday!

Maverick: wa alaikum salam, I'm so lame I didn't even know the internet was around that long. But next time I try aruging with fools I'm taking that advice. But in the end, we know who's right B) (and no not them lol)

Anonymous said...

i commented on the vid; naturally 1 stupid comment came back, but actually on the whole that was pretty good (usually they're crazier!)

didn't know where to tell you this, so here's as good as anywhere. i've awarded you:

comment, my dearest!

Sunni Hijabi said...

I LOVE debating! You might see me there to back ya up. ;)

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