Thursday, April 30, 2009


Have you all been under a rock AGAIN? (kidding... or am I?)

I wanted to make a post about this yesterday but waited until another blogger did it. Buttttt since no one took the opportunity, I might as well inform you (what am I, the news?)about Egypt's hilarious 'precautionary measures' against the swine flu.

Now please note that Egypt has not yet had a case of the flu and the flu IS NOT IN THE MEAT. Although we don't eat it, the sale of pork is going down.

So what does Egypt do?

They slaughter all 300,000 pigs in the country.

-insert hilarious laughter in here until knocked unconscious-

You can't get it from the pigs!

But what I want to know is, I wonder where they put all that meat?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Now aren't you glad we don't eat pork?

So for those of you who actually watch that one show called "The News", you've already heard, and probably feared for your life, about the "Swine Flu". But for those of you who happened to have been living under a rock these past 15 hours or so, allow me to explain :) (I don't think the smiley face is appropriate when explaining that there might be a deadly disease that can kill us all...but I wanted to seem friendly)

According to this Yahoo article, the swine flu is a "worrisome new virus — which combines genetic material from pigs, birds and humans in a way researchers have not seen before — also sickened at least eight people in Texas and California, though there have been no deaths in the U.S."

Okay I'll bold the part where it concerns me the most :
"worrisome new virus — which combines genetic material from pigs, birds and humans in a way researchers have not seen before — also sickened at least eight people in Texas and California, though there have been no deaths in the U.S."

DO YOU SEE THAT PEOPLE? DO YOU SEE THAT? California! CAALLLIIFFFOORRRNNIIAAA! Although the morbid but bright thought is that all the schools can be shut down for a while and I won't have to complete those stupid 'STAR' tests (thank you Mr. Bush) but I hope it won't get that serious, because it will sucks having to go to school during my precious summer vacation.

Oh, right the news, well anywho most people fear for the worst. (What the heck happened to optimism and 'don't worry we have it all contained so continue shopping with no cash since there's a recession and cooking barbecues with toxic carbon monoxide gas that will only worsen the global warming! -insert smiley face-):

"It might already be too late to contain the outbreak, a prominent U.S. pandemic flu expert said late Friday.Given how quickly flu can spread around the globe, if these are the first signs of a pandemic, then there are probably cases incubating around the world already, said Dr. Michael Osterholm at the University of Minnesota."

-insert a really loud expletive- DEAR LORD SAVE US ALL! I mean, I wouldn't hope for a pandemic/epidemic because that's sick and twisted... But I do want to know if this 'virus' causes zombies. Not that I would want to be one because they're the undead and what not but because this quiz on facebook said I have a 64% chance of a surviving a Zombie invasion so if it does happen, I know I can make it to the sequel.

If they start handing out 'How to save yourself from a zombie' pamphlets, look for a hijabi taking a box full. Oh and there really isn't much you can do since there isn't a vaccine and the best way (wtf?) to get it is to be in direct-contact with pigs (oh look this is where the title actually makes sense! But do the pigs have to be alive or what?) So wash your hands often, if you feel like you're having the flu, go to your doctor immediately and avoid unnecessary contact with hobos!

As for me, I'll be hiding out in my bunker and will emerge after Russia and U.S nuke each other out in which I will be living off the cockroaches that survived.... or until I feel the need to blog, toodles!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Interfaith Health Fair: Part 2

Okay so I said I would do this as soon as I got back, but it was very tiring having to sit in the hot sun for 3 burning hours.

There I was, crawling on all fours in search of water and all I got was a sunglasses tan and rowdy children who just came out of Mass.


Sooo technically, that isn't what 'really' happened. As my friend and I were dropped off in front of the Catholic Church (No, not THE Catholic Church all the waayy in Italy, just a random one where I live and I won't state it because you'll come stalking me into Sunday mass demanding to know where two headscarved girls have gone)we went to go register and saw a muslimah there.

Turns out we get nifty blue shirts to wear and keep (oooo free)and as we went to the otherside of the Health Fair to help with the inflatable slide. There were two other girls and two little boys already helping out and we decided to take over from the older ladies.

You know how this was an "Interfaith" thing right? Well so far the only muslims I saw were me, my friend and the registration lady and I had to guess the religions of everyone else because that topic doesn't really come up in introductions:

"Hi I'm Ann!"
"I'm Sarah, are you a Jew?" (Note; Sarah is not my real name)

But after an hour of watching little kids nearly stampede each other up the ladder to get to the top and nearly break a neck sliding down, it was time for another Mass and all the little kids went with their parents and us volunteers FINALLY got a little break.

I had the stupidity of wearing my brother's UC Davis sweaters (partly because I thought it'd be cold, and partly to boast indirectly) and had to take it off after the temperature soared to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. DEATH! DEATH I TELL YOU!

Oh, where was I again? Right, kids. Anyway, while we were eating chips under the shade of a little tent, I found out the two other girls were of Pakistani/Mexican descent and although they weren't religious, considered themselves as Muslims. It was great to meet other muslims and that changes the Muslim counter to 5! Turns out the Muslimah at the registration was they're step-mother who is Pakistani.

After another excruciating 2 hours of hustlin', I mean supervising the children, I got to go home! As I made my way towards the blessed air conditioned car, I spotted an old friend who was jewish. (Hey I finally see Jewish people at the fair! Or maybe I didn't recognize them since you can't really tell who's a jew. Me on the other hand.. well I was wearing a bright blue hijab ...) It was nice to see her again, seeing as how it's been 2 years :]

Overall, since it took me two hours to write this post due to my mild ADD (no not really but I have a short attention span, damn you facebook) insha'allah I gained some ajr and boiling under the sweltering heat.

P.S I wore a sweater today because I thought it wouldn't be hot again, and guess what? Record highs at 95! Excuse me while I find the address of the weatherman on channel 4.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Interfaith Health Fair

Asalamu Alaikum! (Notice how I'm inconsistent with that? Need to work on it)

Today, insha'allah, will be the Interfaith Health Fair my mosque, a synagogue and a church will be hosting!

Well technically it already started at 8am, but my shift starts at 11:30 am :D

I'll be helping out with the kids' activities with a friend and should be getting ready at this moment. (However I wanted to inform you guys, aren't I sweet?)

For the most part, I'm pretty nervous but it's not because there'll be Jews and Christians there -I'm actually looking forward to getting to know new people-, it's just a good kind of nervous.

Plus, this will be the 2nd time in my life that I've entered a church.
Blasphemy! Haha I kid, but when I was around 6 or 7 years old, this couple couldn't find ANYWHERE to hold their wedding and as an end result, held it in a church. (No there wasn't a priest or anything, this was just a reception using the church). Now don't think I'm ignorant, but when you're 6 years old and wandering around a church and you just happen to see a dead man nailed on a cross, you can get pretty freaked out.

And I was, I ran to my mom's friend crying (she's like an aunt to me) and spent the rest of the evening on her lap eating cake. I'm sure she missed out on all the dances consoling me. Thank you Auntie :)

Anywho, I'll be updating this post after I come back (Or should I just do a separate post?) if I do happen to make it insha'allah.

Wish me luck (And courage, and a steady a hand for facepainting, and $50 in tips for satisfied parents because I happened to replicate the Mona Lisa on their daughter's left cheek.)

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I hate twitter!

Okay so it seems like I hate on a lot of things, but this is totally an exception!

Twitter is a website where when you create an account you can post little update status' on your life.

Typical twitter:Just got back from feeding the dog, and now I'll be cooking dinner!

Honestly, who cares what your doing?

Do people really spend their time on the computer 'following' their friends to see what they're doing at every waking moment? Seriously?! And I thought Facebook was invasive.

Please people, I urge you to not waste your time on Twitter unless you're a gossip columnist looking at Lindsey Lohan's status due to her breakup with Sam. (I was flipping the channel and happened to see it -cough-E!News-cough-)

Twitter sucks like Twilight, and they both happen to start with a "T" :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

This is why I hate skirts

Hello ever-

-falls flat on face-

Ugh! Well to explain, today I accompanied my father and brother to UC Davis (Go Aggies!)

Since it was going to be a hot day I decided to wear a long flowy skirt, something I rarely do.

When we entered the large basketball stadium converted into the Q&A for Freshmans, we decided to climb the steps up. I should have taken the side steps with my brother but nooo, I wanted to climb on the seats like my Father.

Putting up my right foot on the 2nd step, it got caught in my skirt and -
the father's nearby caught me by the arms thankfully and if I could blush out of embarrassment, you bet I would have!

Part 2:
When we were leaving the stadium/auditorium, I decided to play it safe and take the steps down, but apparently it I didn't anticipate the gap between each step and nearly tripped. Thank God that my Father was in front of me so I grabbed his shoulder.

I still felt embarrassed...

And to sum it all up, I hate tripping in skirts so I'll stick to pants until I can work up courage again..

Oh and I might as well tell you all about the Mosque at Davis. It's right across the school! :DDDDD I was starting to like the Uni even more, although my brother was going not me.. yet.

It looked pretty awesome with the outside painted bright blue and there was a mini dome and minaret. Even though it was smaller than my 'main' masjid, it still looked better outside-wise.

I was reluctant to part from my dad and brother since I knew none of the girls (excluding the two that I saw during the Campus tour, they don't count because we only exchanged Salamses.. ) And get this, besides the fact that it was a 'separate' no way you can see the imam except through the BIG SCREEN TELE, they had a wudu station with sandals and everything. I get excited by these small things people. When I see a muslim person or anyone who has anything in common with me, I smile. If there's an active MSA at a University, it makes me want to go there (yes, I judge a College MSA by it's events and member-size while my own high school's MSA is floundering..)even more.

The prayer area was even better! Even if it was small (it is across from a college), there were -gasp- 3 chandeliers! And a little closet where if you think your attire isn't good enough for prayer, because not everyone is a hijabi, there's prayer garb!

I could totally imagine myself walking across the University on a Friday to pray Jummah.

Alas my brother is going here and I hate this whole siblings going to the same University thing. I mean we've seen each other at the same elementary, middle and high school for nearly all of our academic 'career'.

Next UC,

Irvine baby :D

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Black Imam breaks ground in Mecca

Say Asalamu Alaikum to Sheikh Obama!

Okay no not really but check out this article about the first black Imam to break ground by leading the prayers at Mecca.

One thing I'd like to say is.. what took you so long?

I mean I know prejudice and discrimination is a big obstacle in the minds of the masses, but if we follow Islam then race shouldn't have been an issue.

Well, alhamdulillah for it at the very least.

Now who wants an Asian imam to lead next?! :D

Hello people around the world!

I think it's so cool that people around the world read my blog.

It makes me feel that my words actually mean something, and that they're not the incessant ramblings of a teenager with nothing better to do... oh wait, they are...

But I still feel special!

I have apparently have readers mainly in the U.S and Canada, and then trusty France, U.K, India, Malaysia, soooo many places I can't even begin to imagine.

Hello to Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Bosina & Herzegovina, Algeria! Kuwait and UAE to name a few.

Let's just say I'm feelin the global love.

And if I've neglected to say YOUR country, feel free to make your place of internet access known in the comments! Don't be shy now :D

What if someone.... died in it?

Asalamu Alaikum!

So I've been meaning to go to this one shop across the mall but I'm afraid.

It's called Crossroads and it's a thrift shop.

Not that thrift shops are bad it's just, you know, I'm used to other stores -cough-forever21-cough-. But I heard they had some really nice dresses on the cheap side and wanted to investigate.

This apprehension for thrift shops stems from the fear of bad things happening in those clothes. I mean there's a likely hood that someone was murdered in those heels. And yes, those are the same rings Dolly Parton had on her fingers while sticking her fingers down her throat to purge. And while we're at it, those skirts you're trying on have been on the dead corpses of Titanic Survivors. EVERYTHING HAS BEEN SOILEDDDDDDD!!!!

Yeah, I'm kind of paranoid.

I've succeeded in convincing myself not to go to the store tomorrow and will most likely go to Marshall's.

What can I say? I'm shopportunistic!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

To eat or not to eat

There's a box of donuts on my dining room table.

Although I tell my family time and time again the possibility of the donuts being fried in lard they never listen to me.

But I'm tempted.

There's glazed and sprinkled and chocolate-covered, oh my.

I'm restraining myself, seriously, but I need to know...

Do these heaven treats contain lard or not?

Although you can't be of any help seeing as how this isn't a brand name store my parents go to, it ain't Dunkin' Donuts, it's some indian guys' shop downtown.

By the way... I already took a bite.

I'm probably going to go take another one while I wait for a sign.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

-shoots Allergies- DIE DIE DIE

For the past week, my allergies have been killing me. My head is pounding, my eyes are dry and I can't stop coughing.

Where's my allergy medicine you ask? Oh it's in the cupboard. I just NEVER use it. I'm so lazy, this all could've been avoided if I listened to my doctor and took it all year long. But whenever my allergies start to act up I swallow my pill and pray that it works on short notice.

My father's fool-proof plan to getting better in one day is to take the medicine in the morning, have a piece of raw garlic or two and slather Vick's all over your neck. Sleep.

In the morning you should wake up feeling refreshed!

Although it has worked in the past today I still have a headache and a stuffy nose.

Dang it, I wish to attend a birthday party at 2 and insha'allah I hope I'll be better.


Pray for me @.@
-Modest Justice

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tumbleweeds and Little House on the Prairie

Due to the large recession happening, my parents have sought business elsewhere...

In the state of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

(No offense to all you readers who happen to live in Kentucky) But for some reason I can't stop imagining a tumbleweed blowing across a deserted road in the middle of a field....

I need to stop watching Little House on the Prairie reruns (speaking of which, did you see the finale of little mosque on the prairie?!)

Oh God, this sucks.

But the only thing that sucks more is-


Why would I move to Kentucky? My parents have secure jobs in California, alhamdulillah but seeing as how it's April Fools, I had to do that.

The whole day at school we were playing pranks on one another. From fainting in P.E to taping paper fishies to the French Teacher (Le Poisson D'Avril). It was harmless fun and has no religious origins whatsoever (christian or pagan). It's one holiday I won't be ranting about :D

April Fool's to you
Modest Justice

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-blows kisses to followers- Thank you for making me feel special and that my blog actually means something. Each and everyone of you has made a difference by keeping this blog alive.

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