Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Black Imam breaks ground in Mecca

Say Asalamu Alaikum to Sheikh Obama!

Okay no not really but check out this article about the first black Imam to break ground by leading the prayers at Mecca.

One thing I'd like to say is.. what took you so long?

I mean I know prejudice and discrimination is a big obstacle in the minds of the masses, but if we follow Islam then race shouldn't have been an issue.

Well, alhamdulillah for it at the very least.

Now who wants an Asian imam to lead next?! :D


Empress Anisa said...

Now THAT is an achievement,Alhumdulillah... Mecca does have some serious issue with racism as one of my dearest friends is experiencing this there as she's been living there since last September. Needless to say, she intends to come back to Cairo after things get sorted early next year, InshaAllah.
Yes, an Asian imam next!!! ;)

ModestJustice said...

Insha'allah things will work out for your friend. Wow, I never knew it was so blatant.
But although you'll find it everywhere, is it subtle in Egypt or are you all peace-loving? :D

Anonymous said...

im suprised it didnt take another million years because most middle easterns are prejudiced to black muslims

ModestJustice said...

Well I'd have to disagree, you can find prejudiced people in every race or ethnicity.

For every bigot there's more who accept :]

M.J. said...

wow, im really surprised. i always thought since mecca seemed to be the center of islam there'd be less racism and therefore things like this would be commonplace.

Anonymous said...

mashallah! that's so great!!
about time!
but you know what i really want? a female imam-ette. it's horrible that people never allow women to be imams.

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