Friday, April 17, 2009

This is why I hate skirts

Hello ever-

-falls flat on face-

Ugh! Well to explain, today I accompanied my father and brother to UC Davis (Go Aggies!)

Since it was going to be a hot day I decided to wear a long flowy skirt, something I rarely do.

When we entered the large basketball stadium converted into the Q&A for Freshmans, we decided to climb the steps up. I should have taken the side steps with my brother but nooo, I wanted to climb on the seats like my Father.

Putting up my right foot on the 2nd step, it got caught in my skirt and -
the father's nearby caught me by the arms thankfully and if I could blush out of embarrassment, you bet I would have!

Part 2:
When we were leaving the stadium/auditorium, I decided to play it safe and take the steps down, but apparently it I didn't anticipate the gap between each step and nearly tripped. Thank God that my Father was in front of me so I grabbed his shoulder.

I still felt embarrassed...

And to sum it all up, I hate tripping in skirts so I'll stick to pants until I can work up courage again..

Oh and I might as well tell you all about the Mosque at Davis. It's right across the school! :DDDDD I was starting to like the Uni even more, although my brother was going not me.. yet.

It looked pretty awesome with the outside painted bright blue and there was a mini dome and minaret. Even though it was smaller than my 'main' masjid, it still looked better outside-wise.

I was reluctant to part from my dad and brother since I knew none of the girls (excluding the two that I saw during the Campus tour, they don't count because we only exchanged Salamses.. ) And get this, besides the fact that it was a 'separate' no way you can see the imam except through the BIG SCREEN TELE, they had a wudu station with sandals and everything. I get excited by these small things people. When I see a muslim person or anyone who has anything in common with me, I smile. If there's an active MSA at a University, it makes me want to go there (yes, I judge a College MSA by it's events and member-size while my own high school's MSA is floundering..)even more.

The prayer area was even better! Even if it was small (it is across from a college), there were -gasp- 3 chandeliers! And a little closet where if you think your attire isn't good enough for prayer, because not everyone is a hijabi, there's prayer garb!

I could totally imagine myself walking across the University on a Friday to pray Jummah.

Alas my brother is going here and I hate this whole siblings going to the same University thing. I mean we've seen each other at the same elementary, middle and high school for nearly all of our academic 'career'.

Next UC,

Irvine baby :D


Autumn Twig said...

awwww... I can't imagine how that must've felt but i'm sure skirts'll still look good on you :)

ModestJustice said...

Horrifying, plus the paranoia that everyone was laughing on the inside ._.
But other than that, thank you :D They do look better with cardigans than pants -which tend to cling to my booty-

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

I love the long skirts, but I'll admit that they annoy me at times too. Why are the ones they sell at the Somali mall so long? Ppl always make jokes about the women cleaning the floors with their skirts. I always roll them up when I go into a public bathroom. Yuck!

Sabrina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ModestJustice said...

They are! I always have to pull the waistband up to my stomach just so I don't *trip* on the hem.

By the way I have seen my aunts cleaning the bathroom in the diraas...

(Too lazy to sign in)

Maryam said...

I make sure to wear leggings anytime I wear a skirt.

Imagine falling and your toosh all in the air with the whole world to see =( *ouch*

ModestJustice said...

I wore an underskirt o.o
What if I fell and my skirt did lift up?

Dear Lord -faint-

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

I cant wear skirts when i'm praying; I STEP ON THEM LOL!

God, they aren't very user-friendly are they? wonder who designed them.


M.J. said...

i love dresses and skirts but have the same issue, the only thing thats sort of helped is wearing leggings underneath so that i can lift the bottom up to climb steps. praying in them though? no can do, i always am falling everywhere lol. anyway the 3 chandeliers is AWESOME!!! about time the girls side is pimped out too lol

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

if its a good uni dnt stop urself coz ur bro goes
id go if my bro went
wed just avoid eachother
lol bt uni is huge man no chance of seeing eachother me nd my bro went sme high sckool college etc
still do nd we dnt see eachother much :s
lol owk tke

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