Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tumbleweeds and Little House on the Prairie

Due to the large recession happening, my parents have sought business elsewhere...

In the state of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

(No offense to all you readers who happen to live in Kentucky) But for some reason I can't stop imagining a tumbleweed blowing across a deserted road in the middle of a field....

I need to stop watching Little House on the Prairie reruns (speaking of which, did you see the finale of little mosque on the prairie?!)

Oh God, this sucks.

But the only thing that sucks more is-


Why would I move to Kentucky? My parents have secure jobs in California, alhamdulillah but seeing as how it's April Fools, I had to do that.

The whole day at school we were playing pranks on one another. From fainting in P.E to taping paper fishies to the French Teacher (Le Poisson D'Avril). It was harmless fun and has no religious origins whatsoever (christian or pagan). It's one holiday I won't be ranting about :D

April Fool's to you
Modest Justice


Candice said...

I didn't get much April Fools spirit today. And I'm quite happy about it, it is really not my thing. I'm not able to do any pranks and I hate them being done on me.

One thing happened at work today only. We (well, I was not a part of doing or planning or even acting) called the boss, who comes in later than we do, and told him two of the employees who take phone calls were not here yet and the lines were ringing like crazy. He rushed to the office, was pretty mad considering one of them has had lateness problems in the past. He had been in a meeting with the "big boss" when he got the call. Hah.

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

omg a brother told be he will marry me; asked for my father's number. LOLOLOL hahahaha but i figured it out and he was like "DANG! you're tough to fool" lol


A'qilah Saiere`

queen said...

i miss those carefree days as a youngster, feel so jelous of you!!

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