Monday, April 20, 2009

Interfaith Health Fair: Part 2

Okay so I said I would do this as soon as I got back, but it was very tiring having to sit in the hot sun for 3 burning hours.

There I was, crawling on all fours in search of water and all I got was a sunglasses tan and rowdy children who just came out of Mass.


Sooo technically, that isn't what 'really' happened. As my friend and I were dropped off in front of the Catholic Church (No, not THE Catholic Church all the waayy in Italy, just a random one where I live and I won't state it because you'll come stalking me into Sunday mass demanding to know where two headscarved girls have gone)we went to go register and saw a muslimah there.

Turns out we get nifty blue shirts to wear and keep (oooo free)and as we went to the otherside of the Health Fair to help with the inflatable slide. There were two other girls and two little boys already helping out and we decided to take over from the older ladies.

You know how this was an "Interfaith" thing right? Well so far the only muslims I saw were me, my friend and the registration lady and I had to guess the religions of everyone else because that topic doesn't really come up in introductions:

"Hi I'm Ann!"
"I'm Sarah, are you a Jew?" (Note; Sarah is not my real name)

But after an hour of watching little kids nearly stampede each other up the ladder to get to the top and nearly break a neck sliding down, it was time for another Mass and all the little kids went with their parents and us volunteers FINALLY got a little break.

I had the stupidity of wearing my brother's UC Davis sweaters (partly because I thought it'd be cold, and partly to boast indirectly) and had to take it off after the temperature soared to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. DEATH! DEATH I TELL YOU!

Oh, where was I again? Right, kids. Anyway, while we were eating chips under the shade of a little tent, I found out the two other girls were of Pakistani/Mexican descent and although they weren't religious, considered themselves as Muslims. It was great to meet other muslims and that changes the Muslim counter to 5! Turns out the Muslimah at the registration was they're step-mother who is Pakistani.

After another excruciating 2 hours of hustlin', I mean supervising the children, I got to go home! As I made my way towards the blessed air conditioned car, I spotted an old friend who was jewish. (Hey I finally see Jewish people at the fair! Or maybe I didn't recognize them since you can't really tell who's a jew. Me on the other hand.. well I was wearing a bright blue hijab ...) It was nice to see her again, seeing as how it's been 2 years :]

Overall, since it took me two hours to write this post due to my mild ADD (no not really but I have a short attention span, damn you facebook) insha'allah I gained some ajr and boiling under the sweltering heat.

P.S I wore a sweater today because I thought it wouldn't be hot again, and guess what? Record highs at 95! Excuse me while I find the address of the weatherman on channel 4.


MARiiAM said...


iz okay if i can make it through 34degrees in a jet-ski like jacket i'm sure you will survive :)

ModestJustice said...

lol, now I feel like I can survive!

M.J. said...

loooooooooooooool wow 95!!! ouch!

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