Saturday, April 4, 2009

-shoots Allergies- DIE DIE DIE

For the past week, my allergies have been killing me. My head is pounding, my eyes are dry and I can't stop coughing.

Where's my allergy medicine you ask? Oh it's in the cupboard. I just NEVER use it. I'm so lazy, this all could've been avoided if I listened to my doctor and took it all year long. But whenever my allergies start to act up I swallow my pill and pray that it works on short notice.

My father's fool-proof plan to getting better in one day is to take the medicine in the morning, have a piece of raw garlic or two and slather Vick's all over your neck. Sleep.

In the morning you should wake up feeling refreshed!

Although it has worked in the past today I still have a headache and a stuffy nose.

Dang it, I wish to attend a birthday party at 2 and insha'allah I hope I'll be better.


Pray for me @.@
-Modest Justice


malekat_el7oriya said...

aww i hope you feel better!! :) i hate allergies! they're so annoying. and you're dad's plan really works? lol. i should try it when i'm sick lol.

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

Awww miskeen!! May Allah swt give you shifa Insya'Allah :) Get well soon habibty <33

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...


*~Ange~* said...

now that i have read this i will get sick.

queen said...

salaam, im free today so im gonna comment on every blog known to me!!! my mil and fil religiously eat a piece of garlic everyday and fil is 80 plus and fighting fit (where to hide tghe garlic)and they regularly smother themselves with vicks, unknown to us thick neanderthals vicks is a miracle cure used for.....colds, coughs, headaches, tummy upsets, mouth ulcers, every ache pain going!!!!

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