Saturday, April 18, 2009


I hate twitter!

Okay so it seems like I hate on a lot of things, but this is totally an exception!

Twitter is a website where when you create an account you can post little update status' on your life.

Typical twitter:Just got back from feeding the dog, and now I'll be cooking dinner!

Honestly, who cares what your doing?

Do people really spend their time on the computer 'following' their friends to see what they're doing at every waking moment? Seriously?! And I thought Facebook was invasive.

Please people, I urge you to not waste your time on Twitter unless you're a gossip columnist looking at Lindsey Lohan's status due to her breakup with Sam. (I was flipping the channel and happened to see it -cough-E!News-cough-)

Twitter sucks like Twilight, and they both happen to start with a "T" :)


Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAA yallah 7bebetee; somehow this cracked me up. you need to chilll :P


Candice said...

Lool, I don't like Twitter either (wouldn't use the word hate, I just don't care) but Twilight I like! Twitter is mostly becoming annoying with all the celebrities using it and having to hear about their updates on the radio celebrity news and all that stuff. Seriously not something I need in my life. I don't care about these people's lives so don't shove their updates in my face!

Malekat_el7oriya said...

yay!!! finally someone who hates twilight!! lol. ya i don't especially like twitter and i hate facebook. i mean honestly who really cares? ugh.

-malekat_el7oriya (i just didn't feel like signing in!)

ModestJustice said...

A'qilah- I do need to chill, but with the ton of work I have to do I have no time D: I hope you learn from my mistakes and never spend the whole of your spring break doing nothing only to have one day left to complete two practice quizzes, and fifty note cards for a research paper <3

Candice-EXACTLY! Minus the twilight-loving part :)

Malekate- *High fives* You're just awesome you know that? But I happen to love my facebook >.>

Candice said...

I don't LOOOOOOVE Twilight, I like it! -- OK, I love it! A handsome vampire and a regular girl in love!! :D lool

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

I just started using twitter and have it in sync with facebook so i can update both via text message. That said, I have had both for only a few mos and will probably get tired of updating them soon. It has made it easier to keep up with some old friends though.

*~Ange~* said...

actually they both start with a TWI.

lets see what else sucks with TWI shall we?


thats all i got

ModestJustice said...

Candice: eexxacctlly! But the 'handsome vampire' isn't exactly handsome >.>

Stacy aka Fahiima: Keeping up with old friends is great but the keeping up for me ends when they constantly tweet about what they're doing. I mean, I care for you Steph, but stop telling us that you just went to the bathroom.

Ange: Twins aren't all that bad! Unless they happen to be Mary-Kate and Ashley buttt

Twinkle Khanna (Indian Actress)

and it ends there for my imagination

tabz said...


i wrote a slightly angry post about twitter a few weeks ago.

vampire stories were my thing, i read them whilst every other girl around me seemed to be reading Bridget Jones style stuff. n
now i get little 12 year old girls looking at my vampire badges/patches on my clothes and asking me if I like/know anyone like Edward Cullen, or any real life vampires, and how to get 'into' the vampire scene. The asked me where I hang out. [REALLY, this happened]

sadly, the world and the mice under the floorboards know whats happening in my life due to my FB status updates and the fact i have links to my blog everywhere. but to be honest, i dont often pour my heart out on them, and i'm pretty straight with people, even in real life. What you see is what you get, and I tend not to hold anything back if i have something to say. It'll be my downfall.

and yes, i write long comments. i hope u dont mind


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