Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh look! A Happy Sappy Post!

Yeah I've decided to quit with the whining and smile! :D


Is it working?


Recently, I've found (well a friend showed me) out about this HORRIBLE, WORST, PIECE-OF-CRAP-MANKIND-COULD-CREATE fanfic written a couple years back.

It's 'loosely based' on Harry Potter.
It has lots of language, description of clothing, and generally the worst grammar and spelling ever imagined.

The writing is basically that of a dyslexic sea monkey on crack (Well, after she 'fires' her editor)

If you wish to take the torturing yet somehow hypnotizing journey of reading such a fanfic- and possibly waste precious moments of your life while doing so- then search of My Immortal fanfic

.... or just click here you lazy bum --> I said HERE!

But if reading really isn't your 'thing' and you prefer a dramatic reading (which I highly recommend for the lulz and the british accent which always makes everything better)

then proceed to Hellfire Commentaries (no pun intended) over ---> HERE

I'm sure you guys are wondering "This is why you haven't been updating for the past week or so? THIS?!"

But of course not sillies! I haven't updated because I had work to do :D

The reason why I haven't taken the initiative to update for the past couple of days is because of THAT :D

[And the effect of listening to 44 chapters of dramatic reading has permanently affected -or is it effected?- the voice in my head to only speak in a british accent. So play along and pretend the narrator for this post is speaking with an accent dangit!]

That'll be all for today children of the corn,

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Too Much to Handle

I'm alive people.

No need to worry or call the police or frantically try to track me down to get me to post
(stares at no one in particular)



One that lasts for hmmm let's say 3 months?

I want my summer vacation back.

Homework, Tests, Quizzes, Classwork, talk talk talk talk @.@

I guess this is the burnout feeling most students get during the last years of secondary education.

I am so done with high school, people.

It's overrated. And pretty dramatic, in a 'look-at-me and listen to my unimportant troubles that could make a hobo cry out of empathy' sort of way.

University looks really good right now.

Which is why I want my brother to get out of his dorm room already and go have fun!
(Yeah, he moved in this week and has called almost every single day -.-;)

Then again, my idea of fun is pretty bland.

I find bowling exciting.

But better than getting drunk at a frat party right?!

So in a way, I'm glad he isn't getting himself into trouble... but he should go out there and explore and have fun.

It's college!
And that's why I'm tired of high school, because I want to be out of here already.

I wanna be out there and become some seasoned world traveler.

(Maybe it's the countless sleepless nights studying for AP tests that's made me become like this)

Or maybe it's a case of SADs; however I love the rainy weather and want this stupid heat to go already.

A pretty picture to brighten my spirits
A lesson I've learned outside of the classroom is to never miss a day of school

Trust me, all of that makeup homework is ruining my mood.

Plus the novelty feeling of school has definitely worn off; see?! now I'm just blabbering.


I can't wait until I go to london.

Hoping you're back to school/work/life is much more worthwhile than mine's,

Veni Vedi Wiki: I came, I saw, I edited collaboratively


[It's been a busy week]

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pleasantly Surprised


Today was actually tolerable.

Maybe even bordering on awesome.

Thank You God.

Instead of the traditional agenda, we went to the bigger masjid and hung out for a little bit finding family, eating halal pepperoni pizza (relax! It was only beef lol) and I got a new maxi dress! (This is such a nice quality fabric too :DDD By now I have like 4 maxis?)

Then we, my immediate family only, went to an Indian-Pakistani Cuisine restaurant and ironically, although most of the customers were muslim they still stared at my hijab and abaya.

Maybe because I actually kept my
on after the prayer instead of quickly disposing of it.

Anywho, we came home afterward and I spent the rest of the time contemplating how fun Ramadan was.


I loved having something to look forward to (iftar) and the fact that we were all more or less closer during this blessed month!

My plan was to avoid music for the entire month (it worked out alhamdulillah) and now it's not so much of an ingrained habit to pick up my iPod and just drift off.

I also tried to incorporate sunnah prayers and insha'Allah I'm still going to work on these after Ramadan is over.

I can't wait until next year insha'Allah!

I hope you guys also had a fantastic Eid!

My day has only begun

Eid Mubarak you guys!

I'm waiting for the rest of my entourage (Read:family members) to get ready so we can go the final prayer at the Masjid, having missed the first and second! :D

I'll be wearing an abaya plus I coordinated outfits for my mom and sister lool

Eids always have the same agenda:

1- Pray at either big masjid or masjid that uses a fairground

2- Head on over to either grandma's house or (if she's in london like now) aunt's house!

3- Stuff yourself silly

4- If you happen to be of the female persuasion, take care of your 2443534539898 little cousins, especially if you happen to be the oldest female cousin there (ooh lucky me -sarcasm-)

5- If you happen to be of the male persuasion, kick back with the other male relatives and either play soccer/basketball or follow #3

6) When it's time to pray Asr, if you're a dude pray with everyone else
If you have the misfortune of not being a guy, WALK across the park, across the street and go to Aunt's house to pray because there are other men in the park and some moves during prayer are a bit risque.

7)Stay in the park until the afternoon and either
a) Continue to the after party at aunt's house or
b) go home and proceed to do homework

Guess which one we usually pick?

(If you picked B you're wrong :P)

Ahh yes, lovely day indeed.

(I love Eid and all it's about, this is just the traditions that happen during Eid)

Monday, September 14, 2009

About Modest Justice

Behind the Veil: Modest Justice

Snarky, sarcastic, thoughtful, narcissistic, and full of hopes, dreams and aspirations, Modest Justice is a complex blogger who likes to think of her life as well...

a blog

Writing in the sarcastic third person style common to today's younger generation, she blogs about the randomness of her blog (like everyone else, which technically voids the whole randomness then right?) and occasionally rants at the injustice society serves, all while keeping her hijab in place.

Once seen as an anomaly, she's slowly shed light on her background which consists of an East African heritage, and a high school education (well, almost)

She has no idea what she wants to be in life and while she chronicles her adventures at the mosque, poems and stories form inside her head. Which she occasionally posts.


Her real name? Modest Justice, we just went over that.

Maybe in time bloggers will find out in whole, but for now, let's just call her MJ (cuz I'm bad)

Now done with writing in third person, this About Me has come to a close

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Crosswalks are like Runways

I dropped journalism.

I actually dropped it a week ago.

It was awkward, it was tense, it was.....

You know how you get that feeling when you're the odd one out?

I always felt it in that class.

I knew absolutely no one, and although my 'love for writing' should have have fueled my insistence of staying and helping to diversify the news team (which was my ultimate goal) I hadn't thought of my classes all the way through.

I decided to not take a science this year, thereby making myself less 'competitive' (as my college
errr guidance counselor puts it) for top UCs

At first, it didn't bother me because I had honors classes throughout high school, but then, I kept thinking about what would happen if I didn't get into a good university (state was and still isn't an option in my family or to me)

I'd disappoint myself and my family.

Why was I taking high classes? Why was I competing with my friends (albeit secretly) for the best grades and top classes?

Because I wanted to enter a good university, get a good career, get a better life than the ones my parent's had (their words) and be something.

To some people, this may seem a bit superficial (geez, giving up a writing class because you didn't fit in? taking a science class because you HAVE to get into the best college? grow up) but it matters to me.

This is my American dream that I want to realize (yes, that's a summer's worth of AP English reading talking right now) and fulfill, no matter the consequences.

I don't want to live in an apartment for the rest of my life.

I want to own a house and buy myself a car, and travel the world and swim with the sharks (okay not the last part, I'm terrified of sharks)

To me, having a career and the means to live comfortably equals success.

But as classic tragedies (Jay Gatsby, Willy Lowman anyone?) tell me, these are false fantasies.
That I shouldn't aspire to have abundant wealth because it's nothing.

It won't follow me to the grave, it won't guarantee happiness.

But it can buy things that give happiness, it can give a better life.

So what class am I taking now?

I'm in Physiology learning about anatomy and dissection that can help in the medical field I might enter in.

Because I have to.

Because I want a better life.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I did some Retail Therapy

Today I was feeling a bit down (I have no idea why) so I decided to shop online for a bit.
Forever 21 specifically.

Under 20 dollars? Heck yes (I may be shopping but I'm still a cheapskate)

I went shopping with my Aunt yesterday and because some stores are taking away maxi dresses (not in style anymore lol) There are some maxi dresses, previously 24.99 USD, going away for $5.

Yes, you heard me.

5 DOLLARS! And since you know I love blogging about my recessionista finds, I bought it of course!

But anywho, what I bought today was a basic trapeze knit tank going for 6 bucks. I didn't want to spend alot, I just wanted to 'feel better' (isn't that what retail therapy's about?)

In Other News:
My school's MSA (Muslim Student Association) started today, but technically next week. And basically, me and misadventure buddy (if you hadn't read my past posts, shame on yee!, she's mentioned in all of my masjid posts) run it.

We think of the topics each week, we try to get everything organized AND do the announcements so that the little scared, lost, freshman muslims know where to go.

Do I want to be the president, again, this year?

No, not really.

Contrary to what you'd think, being the president isn't always an exciting job. No one said it'd be easy.

People interrupt during meetings
, people forget there ARE meetings, I'm held responsible for getting all materials organized, I'm supposed to be informative AND entertaining (it's really hard for me apparently), we're supposed to have 'goals'.


But nonetheless, I keep the club going because, if not me, who? The club would surely die like it did my freshman year when other people were running it (sooo not calling out anyone's siblings)

I'd like to think of it as community service to the underserviced high school muslims, lol.

Don't take my ranting seriously, I love running it, with all of it's flaws, it's just getting the cooperation and exciting 'things to learn' that's the tough part.

Do you guys have any suggestions for what we should throughout the year besides meeting once a week to just 'chill'?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ramadhan Tag

Thank you Stacy aka Fahiima again :DD
So for this tag:

1.) Link five people who have written Ramadhan posts that inspired you, and explain why.

2.) Leave them a comment to let them know you gave them "link love," and that they are now tagged.

3.) Link back to the person who tagged you.

I'm adding this number 4 myself, it's not really part of the rules. It's just that if you don't want to respond to the tag, it's okay, I just want to get your awesome posts known and to inspire more denizens of the blogosphere.

Okay so most of these posts may or may not be related to Ramadan (but were written during Ramadan so hah!) but they were really inspiring to moi! Plus I really couldn't think of three (this tag is spreading like wildfire already!) without retagging people, plus I have my usual set of taggies lol

: In this post, she talks about her experiences with niqab (which she proudly wears masha'Allah!) And her thoughts concerning other people's sometimes rude, reactions and how it never deters her faith, but makes her stronger.
Quote: "I feel stronger for wearing niqab. I’ve seen the looks that men give other women- judging their faces, their arses, their legs- I have no desire to be a part of that...don’t sit at home alone, I go out. I speak to people. I walk with my head high, no more shuffling my feet as I stare at the ground." Just read this entire post, it's amazing :)

PerplxinTexan: Her not so Ramadan, Ramadan Post (like all of her much anticipated posts) are... well, awesome. She's such a talented person and I should just let her words do the talking: "I have to believe in my own ability to trust in God's ability to help me overcome the personal tribulations which threaten my very existence...I can not change everything that I am in one month but, He can. And so,I ask God/Allah not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders." Umm, seriously, if you don't read this post, you're missing out on the best 5 minutes of your life.

And because I always tag her super special blog (whether she acknowledges it's super coolness or not)Here for the Hereafter is A'qilah!!! :D Her latest post is practicing Islam now, fulfilling our obligations now, before it's too late, subhan'Allah and she's right.
Quote: "Give yourself an identity, Take Islam as an Entirety.
Not tomorrow nor the day after - It's now or never,there is no 'LATER'"

Yeah, I know I only got in 3, but I couldn't think so depend on those people to get your more inspirational posts!
Again, thank you Stacy aka Fahiima! Wa mahadsaantay (I'm working on it!)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I was discriminated against

Asalamu Alaikum,

It's late right now but I wanted to post what happened today.

Basically, some discrimination occurred.

(Okay okay, it was actually an ignorant comment, but lemme vent)

And I couldn't do anything about it.

Let's backtrack shall we?

During lunch at school, my misadventure buddy and I were headed to the office (oh that reminds me about my good news post... well that's now delayed) and a group of girls were apparently laughing and as such, I couldn't have cared less because... well, do I know them?

Then one of them stepped out of the group and went
"Are you Egyptian?"
"Do you dance like tthissss?" And did that stupid sideways walk, you know the one we believed Ancient Egyptians walked like?

I thought they were talking to a another group of girls passing by and thought "
Wow those girls are beeyoches, poor girls"

Misadventure buddy tried to point out to me that they were talking to
us. But I was busy fiddling with my phone and didn't hear her. We kept walking and one of them followed us. I didn't notice until halfway and turned around.

She laughed and walked away.

Then I turned around and asked my friend "Was that to us?"
It took a couple of minutes to sink in and then....


Now if I didn't fear for my life or getting suspended I would have gave them a piece of my mind AND maybe opened a can of Whoop A (oh wait it's Ramadan nvm)

But I'm so non-confrontational (no idea where that post is) but I can't stop thinking about it.

It's never happened to me before. I've never been made fun of my hijab, or skin color (at least where I've never fought back) and to think that I was so clueless angers me.

I guess I'm experience what hundreds of Muslimahs face each day, even if technically this is a 'minor incident' but it's not minor to ME.

The worst part is that non-muslims DON'T get it. At least my friends don't.
"Get over it."
"Don't make a mountain out of a mole hill."
"Fight fight fight!"

I'm not depressed, I'm not going to resign myself to my bedroom because of those ignorant idiots.
I'm just angry, and because I can't 'do' anything about it but maybe I can become an activist or something.

-sigh- I need to go to bed.

And think about revenge.
(okay not really)

Take care you guys

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


My shirt :D

It's here and it's beautiful. I can't wait to wear it tomorrow.

But it looks prettier on me.

I used my pretty new debit card :D lol But don't panic at my spending yet! It was only $15 plus I don't want to use all of my money in my bank account!

This is just a blah post, tomorrow, insha'Allah, will be MUCH more news filled. Insha'Allah

Pray that I get a good answer! (Vague I know :DDD)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm a freakin fabulous blogger! Ahh yeaaahh :D

Asalamu Alaikum you guys!

I'm so sorry Mona from Mama Mona o'course! LOL I forgot -as usual- but hey I remembered now!

She gave me the "Your blog is Freaking Fabulous!" award :DDDD Thank you!!!

Here are the rules:
The rules of this award are:
•List five current obsessions.
•Pass the award on to five more fabulous blogs.
•On your post of receiving this award, make sure you include the person that gave you the award and link it back to them.
•When you post your five winners, make sure you link them as well.
Don't forget to let your winners know they won an award from you by leaving a comment on their blog.

Soooo my obsessions eh?

One would HAVE to be Medical-type dramadys lool like Grey's Anatomy (I'm on Season 1), or a parody of that, like Scrubs (I watch any season) :D

Another is the Harry Potter Series... I DON'T CARE IF IT'S OVER, THE MOVIES ARENT'!!!

3rd is the internet. I need to sign on at least once a day and proceed to spend an hour or so on there while neglecting my other responsibilities.

4th is Samboosas..... dipped in barbecue sauce. Ey! Don't hate until you try it! And I'm telling you it is goood! Unless it's the lentil samboosa... eww.

And five is www.mylifeisaverage.com IT'S HILARIOUUSSS! It's like FML but.. average
My favorite so far: "Today, I discovered two huge doors, where I could of sworn a wall had been in my latin teachers classroom. No one else was there, so consumed in curiousity, I began to open the doors. They had been opened about an inch, when a hand slammed them back shut. I looked up to see my teacher staring at me, he then casually said "No one gets to visit Narnia, until they have a solid A in my class." I plan on studying harder than ever before. MLIA. "

Okay now I'm done!

I tag A'qilah
Stacy aka Fahiima

Okay you guys totally do not have to do it! But I picked you guys so just know that an award is waiting -glare-
No pressure :D

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