Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I did some Retail Therapy

Today I was feeling a bit down (I have no idea why) so I decided to shop online for a bit.
Forever 21 specifically.

Under 20 dollars? Heck yes (I may be shopping but I'm still a cheapskate)

I went shopping with my Aunt yesterday and because some stores are taking away maxi dresses (not in style anymore lol) There are some maxi dresses, previously 24.99 USD, going away for $5.

Yes, you heard me.

5 DOLLARS! And since you know I love blogging about my recessionista finds, I bought it of course!

But anywho, what I bought today was a basic trapeze knit tank going for 6 bucks. I didn't want to spend alot, I just wanted to 'feel better' (isn't that what retail therapy's about?)

In Other News:
My school's MSA (Muslim Student Association) started today, but technically next week. And basically, me and misadventure buddy (if you hadn't read my past posts, shame on yee!, she's mentioned in all of my masjid posts) run it.

We think of the topics each week, we try to get everything organized AND do the announcements so that the little scared, lost, freshman muslims know where to go.

Do I want to be the president, again, this year?

No, not really.

Contrary to what you'd think, being the president isn't always an exciting job. No one said it'd be easy.

People interrupt during meetings
, people forget there ARE meetings, I'm held responsible for getting all materials organized, I'm supposed to be informative AND entertaining (it's really hard for me apparently), we're supposed to have 'goals'.


But nonetheless, I keep the club going because, if not me, who? The club would surely die like it did my freshman year when other people were running it (sooo not calling out anyone's siblings)

I'd like to think of it as community service to the underserviced high school muslims, lol.

Don't take my ranting seriously, I love running it, with all of it's flaws, it's just getting the cooperation and exciting 'things to learn' that's the tough part.

Do you guys have any suggestions for what we should throughout the year besides meeting once a week to just 'chill'?


Nikki said...

The thought of a high school MSA in the U.S. blows my mind. Perhaps cause I'm from small town, middle America, white country. Hmm.

My high school didn't even have a Christian organization, I don't think. (I was Christian at the time) I was very involved in church, but in my high school it was NOT COOL to be Christian. All thinking people were atheist or agnostic, or at least that's what we were led to believe (often times by our teachers)

And they call America a Christian country.

ModestJustice said...

LOL, actually many of the high schools in my area have an MSA. Mainly because the Bay Area has a lot of muslims, therefore, plenty of offspring, lol.

My school also has a Christian Club, who utilize the theater (our club isn't that big :( ) And wow, are teachers allowed to push their opinions or at least, imply it? I remember my Biology teacher freshman year was totally preaching the whole 'if you're a thinking, intelligent being, then you have to be atheist'

America hides behind the facade of a christian country.

Nikki said...

seperation of church and state....means basically it is illegal for teachers to 'push' for a particular theology. It also means that all religious organizations (such as MSA) must be student run and not particularly endorsed by the school.

BUT, prayer is generally said at graduation, Christmas is celebrated (although it's totally secularized in America anyhow), and science teachers have 'proof' that we're all just an accident.

I am going to be a teacher myself. And, if I was still a Christian, I would most likely be wearing a cross necklace and my Christian morality would show through my teaching. It's just natural. As a new Muslim, I will be quite obvious once I take on hijab, and I have a necklace that says Allah in Arabic that I wear quite often. I won't push for anyone to be Muslim, but I won't hide it either. I'd like to think my high school teachers were doing the same...just showing who they were, but it seemed more forceful than that, because they put everything else down.

I'd like to say it gets better in college....but it doesn't really, lol.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

You should def have some events are open to non-Muslims. Depending on the facilities you have maybe you could do something fun involving food? There are so many ppl who are curious about Islam, but aren't likely to just ask you something.

Coffee Catholic said...

"Do you guys have any suggestions for what we should throughout the year besides meeting once a week to just 'chill'?"

Structure is always a good thing when running any kind of organization. My suggesting would be (from experience...) for you to try and organize some kind of religious study. Do Muslims study the koran? Maybe you could find a decent "koran study" that is geared towards the things that high school students struggle with most? Especially getting luke-warm in your faith?? (Easy to do due to peer pressure etc.)

I must say I have to disagree with you having events open to non-Muslims. We Catholics call this "being ecumenical" and it totally backfires because the non-Your Faith's do everything they can to water down YOUR faith to meet THEIR wishes. There's absolutely nothing wrong with a specifical religious organization sticking with just their faith. If people want to whine about feeling left out, that's their problem. If they want to feel let in then they can become Muslims!! Until then, they can deal with the fact that a Muslim Student Association exists and it's... Muslim!! **Gasp! Surprise!**

Coffee Catholic said...

P.S. I might have worded that in a way that can be taken wrong.

I don't mean that you should ban non-Muslims from your MSA. What I was getting at was you should avoid "Open" style events because it will compromise your faith. You end up having to stifle so much about your faith in order not to "offend" the non-Your Faiths.

Do allow non-Muslims to come to your gatherings but my advice is, don't make it an inter-faith thing. That just doesn't work very well. We Catholics tried that countless times and everything ends up being taken over by the non-Catholics and we end up attending our *own* events that turn into non-Catholic events. And that kinda ruins the whole reason for having a specific student association!

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

We have coffee hours here but the Lonestar Texas council (MSA) has GREAT ideas. Plan MSA National events.Try Project Downtown, Fast-A-Thons, Peace NOT Predujce or the 1$ campaign are all GREAT ways to get involved with Muslims on your own campus while extending outreach to Non-Muslims as well.

My suggestion is to NOT make it religion specific. Firstly, I don't find it to be very Muslim-like..remember "created into nations and tribes to know one another." But, also you never know who's just 'curious' or where Allah (swt) will place the ra7ma of this deen.

So Calian said...

I really wanna join the MSA at my school, but its all guys. The things ive heard arent so great either. like the kid leading juma prayers forgot the words to al fatiha. uhh...aren't you supposed to have memorized that when you were 5? anyways, my friend and i are planning on joining and changing it quite a bit. there's only like 5 people in the club, and theres waaay more muslims at my school than that.

Anonymous said...


long time, my fault, sorry, please do forgive. i'm back (-ish) hopefully will be more regular but i am also getting surprisingly busier. love ur blog (and the cupcakes... bloody hell, aren't we fasting?)

giv ma lurve to ayan and naz XxX

keep posting, will read!

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

Salam 7bebetee!!

My college's MSS (Muslim Student Society) involves the youth in programmes like the "learning support programme" where we go to Muslim orphanages and tutor the kids/ teach the younger ones to read. (this is done like every saturday morning & then we'll all lunch together) & we just finished out Ramadhan camp :P:P:P Heeee! G'luck in running your club - i'm sure it's awesome! I'd give anything to be part of it!


& I miss you!


Constructive Attitude said...

Maxi dresses are going out of style? WTF. why does this keep happening? thats annoying. I would still buy them and im so jealous that you found it for 5 bucks!

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