Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ramadhan Tag

Thank you Stacy aka Fahiima again :DD
So for this tag:

1.) Link five people who have written Ramadhan posts that inspired you, and explain why.

2.) Leave them a comment to let them know you gave them "link love," and that they are now tagged.

3.) Link back to the person who tagged you.

I'm adding this number 4 myself, it's not really part of the rules. It's just that if you don't want to respond to the tag, it's okay, I just want to get your awesome posts known and to inspire more denizens of the blogosphere.

Okay so most of these posts may or may not be related to Ramadan (but were written during Ramadan so hah!) but they were really inspiring to moi! Plus I really couldn't think of three (this tag is spreading like wildfire already!) without retagging people, plus I have my usual set of taggies lol

: In this post, she talks about her experiences with niqab (which she proudly wears masha'Allah!) And her thoughts concerning other people's sometimes rude, reactions and how it never deters her faith, but makes her stronger.
Quote: "I feel stronger for wearing niqab. I’ve seen the looks that men give other women- judging their faces, their arses, their legs- I have no desire to be a part of that...don’t sit at home alone, I go out. I speak to people. I walk with my head high, no more shuffling my feet as I stare at the ground." Just read this entire post, it's amazing :)

PerplxinTexan: Her not so Ramadan, Ramadan Post (like all of her much anticipated posts) are... well, awesome. She's such a talented person and I should just let her words do the talking: "I have to believe in my own ability to trust in God's ability to help me overcome the personal tribulations which threaten my very existence...I can not change everything that I am in one month but, He can. And so,I ask God/Allah not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders." Umm, seriously, if you don't read this post, you're missing out on the best 5 minutes of your life.

And because I always tag her super special blog (whether she acknowledges it's super coolness or not)Here for the Hereafter is A'qilah!!! :D Her latest post is practicing Islam now, fulfilling our obligations now, before it's too late, subhan'Allah and she's right.
Quote: "Give yourself an identity, Take Islam as an Entirety.
Not tomorrow nor the day after - It's now or never,there is no 'LATER'"

Yeah, I know I only got in 3, but I couldn't think so depend on those people to get your more inspirational posts!
Again, thank you Stacy aka Fahiima! Wa mahadsaantay (I'm working on it!)


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Thanks for sharing! I'm gonna check those out soon :)

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