Saturday, September 26, 2009

Too Much to Handle

I'm alive people.

No need to worry or call the police or frantically try to track me down to get me to post
(stares at no one in particular)



One that lasts for hmmm let's say 3 months?

I want my summer vacation back.

Homework, Tests, Quizzes, Classwork, talk talk talk talk @.@

I guess this is the burnout feeling most students get during the last years of secondary education.

I am so done with high school, people.

It's overrated. And pretty dramatic, in a 'look-at-me and listen to my unimportant troubles that could make a hobo cry out of empathy' sort of way.

University looks really good right now.

Which is why I want my brother to get out of his dorm room already and go have fun!
(Yeah, he moved in this week and has called almost every single day -.-;)

Then again, my idea of fun is pretty bland.

I find bowling exciting.

But better than getting drunk at a frat party right?!

So in a way, I'm glad he isn't getting himself into trouble... but he should go out there and explore and have fun.

It's college!
And that's why I'm tired of high school, because I want to be out of here already.

I wanna be out there and become some seasoned world traveler.

(Maybe it's the countless sleepless nights studying for AP tests that's made me become like this)

Or maybe it's a case of SADs; however I love the rainy weather and want this stupid heat to go already.

A pretty picture to brighten my spirits
A lesson I've learned outside of the classroom is to never miss a day of school

Trust me, all of that makeup homework is ruining my mood.

Plus the novelty feeling of school has definitely worn off; see?! now I'm just blabbering.


I can't wait until I go to london.

Hoping you're back to school/work/life is much more worthwhile than mine's,


Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

Sweetheart, college is fun fun fun but when it comes to work, - you'd wish for high school back again. Seriously :S
Just get this AP thing over and done with and insha'Allah you'll be gng to yr college :D


Anonymous said...

i totally get what u are saying. college is ass. uni is cool.
done. hurry up with ur studies and revision so u can go uni. quick!

God, i feel old when i talk 2 u guys!

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

thats my part of the world lol
im always beeing stalked by masses of work under severe child abuse by the education board and my mum :S
and i was actualy in the middle of my coursework just now
inshallah itll all be ok
im totally gng on a huge holiday As soon as im dne with this shit
im gng uni 2 soon inshallah
college nd uni isnt de same thing over hre unfortunately :s
ok anyways
belated eid mubarak princess
visit my blog
nd love u

Bahiyaa Black said...

Trust me you will miss high school and how easy it was lol I majored in biology and everyday I wished that I was till taking those easy high school science classes and got out at 2pm

♫T♪ said...

bah, where are you getting this info from?!?!
uni is SO much rubbisher than college.
not just work-wise, but socially too. because at uni, everything involves drink. and doing things in groups. in college it was okay to be slightly quirky or 'out there'. in uni it sucks ass and is hard to stay your own person without feeling like you're not really your own person anymore.

but maybe that's just my opinion because i didnt move out. *shrugs*
enjoy secondary whilst you can, TRUST ME =] xx

ModestJustice said...

Sorry you guys!
I'm responding now -obviously- heh!

A'qilah- INSHA'ALLAH! Then I can actually go msn more :DDD

Sukkar: LOL, naya how old are you anyway? (Surely not over 18 eh?) And I can't WAIT until high school is over! (Well atleast I can't wait for my last year)

Naz: Yes yes! Once I graduate I'm DEFO going to London :DDD I better have a good tour guide (besides my aunt and her family lol) College and uni aren't the same? Is college like high school or.... I'm confused lol Means same thing here although university is better lol

Bahiyaa: Okay okay you got me there lol I love my collaboration days (monday we get out at noon >.>) But it's just the 'idea' of university that appeals to me :DD

T: LOL I'll try :D I mean I still act like a high schooler (and really? I thought being quirky in university was acceptable since..well, it's university?!) But I am SO planning on living on campus, FREEDOM!

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