Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I've been caught up in the World Cup lately and although I was with Ghana till the very end (-tear-) I'm so happy for Spain's win against Germany!


My older brother had the audacity to bet with me. If Germany won I'd have to wear tights (I don't even see how that's a bad thing) and if Spain won ... he'd have to wear a skirt >:D


Um yeah :D

Also I got my AP scores back for US History and English Comp/Lang...

I got a 4 in US and a 5 in English! (!!!!)
I'm so happy because a 5 is the highest and I really didn't study for English while I put a lot of effort for History : D

To pass you need at least a 3=qualified/ 4= very qualified / 5= extremely qualified And it converts into college credit.

So yeah, I'm very happy today!

I hope you guys are having a fun summer/winter! : D


CreativeSoul said...

lmaooo @ ur brother having to wear a skirt. musta been jokesss :L btw just incase u were wondering im just a randomer that passed by ur page and came across this post :P xx

p.s. congratz on ur scores :))

salaamm xx

NeverEver said...

mashaAllah good scores!

and yay for Spain! They were my team from the beginning :-D alhamdulillah they are doing well

Under Urooba's Umbrella! said...

Ah, congrats! Those are great scores.

I got my scores recently, too. My whole family was huddled around me and I was all, "Calm down, I probably got a 4"--because I didn't really study, but our calculus teacher is amazing, so I couldn't have done too bad even if I wanted to! Turns out, I got a 5! :D

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