Friday, May 29, 2009

I spruced up a bit

So the blog looks much brighter now!
With advice from PerplexinTexan (Who has an awesome blog by the way)

I changed my background, although I'd been thinking about it for a while, I was too L-A-Z-Y.

Now strangers, do not be afraid of the dark, mysterious muslim!

(P.S Just 2 more weeks of school, just two more weeks, just two more weeks, just two more weeks, just two more weeks, just two agonizingly slow weeks of school!)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oh Look a Squirrel

While everyone else chases after the squirrel,

I stopped by to announce me and that relative are reunited!

Alhamdulillah :D

Over and Out

Friday, May 22, 2009

Ask-i Memnu, come bacckkk!!!

(Dear Lord, I hate pressing enter and I haven't even finished typing the post yet)

Anywho, I've been watching this Turkish Soap Opera (Ask-i Memnu) featuring the ever-popular turkish actor Kivanc Tatlitug!!! (-swoon- -cough-) You can thank Naz for that after one of her posts!

And while I don't know Turkish (I'm not even fluent in my native tongue, geez) there is an awesome member on Youtube who added subtitles on the bottom of each episode!!!

So I've spent the whole day watching it and you know what happens?

I'll tell you what happened!

The youtube-er didn't subtitle all of the episodes! Adnan and Bishte didn't even get married yet!

GRRRRRRRR -goes into hulk mode-

So if anyone knows turkish and wants to go through the trouble of translating them for me :DDDD (I was on Episode 4 Part 4 -the parts are 10 minutes each- where Adnan is asking Deniz why she wants to leave)or if there's some other website with someone with enough time to subtitle them!

Bless your little heart if you do.

But for your entertainment while I try to watch the rest in turkish here's Episode 1 Part 1 :D

and part 2

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I dyed

So I told you guys I'd make a post concerning the 'hurr' situation, and here it is!

Last week, I spent the evening at my Grandmother's house, hiding from their demonic cat (which belongs to my Uncle and Aunt but is still evil)and trying to entertain myself with Comcast. It's really hard.

We were hoping to go to my Aunt's house and dye my hair there but I felt it was too late to bother her.

Fast forward to this Friday.

My mother scheduled an appointment with this hair salon, but I had also planned on watching Star Trek with the rest of the family (Which was AWESOME by the way).

SO we canceled the appointment, got out the coloring box and set to work.

It was a shade lighter than black (nutmeg brown?) and took 10 minutes to do.

Wow, and I was expecting an hour or something ( <-- inexperienced with all things non-henna)

And now my hair actually feels soft and whatnot. It's semi-permanent, and will be gone in about a month or so.

My Hurr is dyed, soft and flippable... if anyone still does that.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Let's all get personal!

Today, I happily logged onto Facebook (not Twitter, die Twitter die!!!) and noticed a message in my inbox.

Well actually 3 but two were from the groups I'm in.

The third e-mail was from someone whom I was estranged with for nearly a year.

I won't say what kind of relation she is to me, or if at all because people in my personal life do not know this (well besides the family, but they know everything derr)

So as I click in the message wondering how rare it is, it's a simple message.

"Everyone has forgiven each other, ironic eh?"

This refers to the division between members of our family (cough still not telling you what she is to me cough).

Every once in a while they get mad at each other and don't talk for a while. But this one was apparently pretty big.

This person's mother was mad at my mother and several other relations and all of a sudden by phone it's one big love fest.

Except for me and her.

That's the irony.

Now don't jump to conclusions, believe me, I tried to reach out to her and apologize but I didn't know what to apologize for, what had I done? I'd e-mailed and she'd said to knock it off.

I ASKED for forgiveness, I APOLOGIZED for I have no idea what, and she DIDN'T forgive.

Frankly, I was tired of begging for someone who obviously didn't want to budge and I was very hurt about it.

Then I left it all up to Allah swt, and just ended contact but was open if she ever wanted to contact me.

So what was my answer you ask?

"Very ironic,
But I think it's never too late" I can still apologize and would gladly welcome her friendship again.

However, a part of me is still hugely hurt and angry about the past year. There were times I wanted to talk to her and needed her there because she was so much like a best friend to me. (I never call my friends my 'best friend', she was exclusively that) And with the amount of 'trust' I have with my friends, there IS no one I trust enough to even care about my 'so-called' problems.

(Oh Gawd, this isn't an emotional post is it? Don't worry it isn't, it's just misplaced anger at a person I'd readily forgive)

This time, though, I understand that in reality, I can't trust anyone too deeply except Allah swt.

It's a cruel world, pack some tissues.

P.S I don't know if it's an invitation to an forgiveness or anything. But now, I don't care if it is.

P.P.S I delayed posting this because I wasn't even sure if she would message me back. Turns out she did, today 5-20-09.

Monday, May 11, 2009

I love you Mommy... just one day late

-jumps out of cake-


Well... belated that it is (haircut post will happen sometime later this week)

I was busy over the weekend finishing up my Research paper for English so that's my excuse, what's yours?

Anyway, when I asked my mom what she wanted, (to be honest, my parents never really ask for anything but demand that we celebrate them everyday, in the form of cleaning and doing whatever they ask <3, not just once, so I didn't prepare much...)

She said she wanted a poem from me.

Aww, I feel sooo.. singled out...

In a good way!

So I told her that I did make her one (At least in my heart)

And I'm printing it out at the moment, and I always love being a bit creative with these 'home made' gifts.

One year, it was a timeline of my mother's pictures and with each one there was a new addition (four children total)

This year, I uploaded my siblings and I's pictures when we were all about 3-4 and showed a Before and After thing.

I'd love to say I'm the cutest of the bunch, but I gotta hand it to my younger sister, she looks like my mom the most.

I'd show you guys, but I don't want to put my mother's picture, albeit extremely beautiful that you'll eyes will melt once you see her fabulous beauty hence I don't put my picture up -wink wink-, on the horrible internet.

Time for dinner and time to print the pictures that will inevitable go black and white

stupid printer.

Oh, and what did you guys do -or always do- to honor/celebrate your lovely mommy?

xoxo ModestJustice

P.S: If you want the extremely corny poem, here ya go:
A Mother’s Love

A mother’s love is one you can’t replace
Her unconditional love brings a smile on one’s face
How hard she’s worked to give you life
To provide a home without any strife
Caring for you
Loving you
That’s what a Mother’s love can do

With all the things a Mother can do
Ask yourself who,
Would love you forever no matter the weather
And all the stupid things children do
A mother’s love is blind and spreads joy throughout
A Mother is something no one can live without

A Mother’s love lasts throughout your life
As you evolve from daughter, mother and wife
Once we become old I’ll know one thing
A Mother’s love is everything!

Especially for you, Mother:

Although we’ve never been the best of children
We know you’ll always love us even
Scrapes and bruises, tears and sighs
You’re filled with love mommy pie!

Love ,
Your awesome eldest daughter who took all of your good genes (which are all of them) and those other ones whom you also gave birth to
(okay I didn't write that but I wanted to ;D)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Hair Cut [Now with Picture!]

Funny topic to talk about..for obvious reasons, but! I want a haircut!

I wanted to grow my hair out and do the whole, oOoOo look at my loongggg hur!

But now I'm just like, eh, long hair will be hard to maintain so getting my hair styled would be nice.

However, I want to get it cut AND dyed, and my older brother was all, "Why do you need that for? No one's going to see it." I'M going to see it, that's who!

I'd show you guys what kind of haircut I want but it's pretty.... out there.
If you beg nicely, I'll show you guys. Haha okay kidding, but I've also been thinking about getting a piercing (oh no she's slipping away into the danger zone! Save her!!!)

But it's not a nose ring, I want a Monroe piercing -astagfurillah! metal on your face?- However I doubt I will considering I'm such a big baby and afraid of gum irritation and what not. --> Wimp

And that's pretty much it. If I do get the aforementioned hair cut and dye job, I shall be telling you all about eet.

Soooo since you all so politely asked (-tear- you care, you really care!)
Here's a picture of how I wish my hair to look post-surgery -without all the poofyness if you can imagine- and the monroe I doubt my parents would ever let me get.

or this one when it's 'unstyled'
(note: Picture is obviously not of me, lol everything but the hair color is wrong!)

And since I'm also afraid of damage from permanent dye I found a nice semi-permanent dye!

Insha'allah I'll be getting the dye done this weekend but the cut will have to be from a 'pro' I don't trust myself with scissors (:

[Didn't I tell you it was 'out-there'? Now don't be shy to hurt my feelings!]


Stop whining!

What up home dogs?

You know, sometimes, I'm glad few people in my actual life (indeed I do have a life)know about my blog. This semi-anonymity is great because if I ever do one of those 'emo' boo-hoo my fish got stuck in the garbage disposer and I can't get him out posts, they won't be there to share in my despair.

Which leads to another thing. You know those friends on Facebook/Myspace/Bloggerland w.e who always tell you their problems through their status'sss? Or blog about their secret emo life which isn't a secret anymore because they have the link to their blog RIGHT ON their status or profile?

No offense kiddies, but no one cares.

No one wants to hear about your problems unless they're your CLOSE friend and not some chatter-er you picked off of MSN or Aim. That post is actually making it awkward and the pity you'll be getting isn't the kind you want. Geez that sounds mean, but I'm not picking on anyone specific (however I do have a few in mind). Everyone's life sucks. Hearing about yours isn't going to anything about the major suckiness of this world.

If you're going to complain, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! :D

-Friendly reminder from ModestJustice, Just in case you forgot!

P.S: I just got my first viewer(probably more I never check) from Israel! Maybe their muslim :D Maybe it happens to be in Palestine where they found internet! FREE FREE PALESTINE! (If not, I'm open to all viewers)

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