Monday, May 4, 2009

Hair Cut [Now with Picture!]

Funny topic to talk about..for obvious reasons, but! I want a haircut!

I wanted to grow my hair out and do the whole, oOoOo look at my loongggg hur!

But now I'm just like, eh, long hair will be hard to maintain so getting my hair styled would be nice.

However, I want to get it cut AND dyed, and my older brother was all, "Why do you need that for? No one's going to see it." I'M going to see it, that's who!

I'd show you guys what kind of haircut I want but it's pretty.... out there.
If you beg nicely, I'll show you guys. Haha okay kidding, but I've also been thinking about getting a piercing (oh no she's slipping away into the danger zone! Save her!!!)

But it's not a nose ring, I want a Monroe piercing -astagfurillah! metal on your face?- However I doubt I will considering I'm such a big baby and afraid of gum irritation and what not. --> Wimp

And that's pretty much it. If I do get the aforementioned hair cut and dye job, I shall be telling you all about eet.

Soooo since you all so politely asked (-tear- you care, you really care!)
Here's a picture of how I wish my hair to look post-surgery -without all the poofyness if you can imagine- and the monroe I doubt my parents would ever let me get.

or this one when it's 'unstyled'
(note: Picture is obviously not of me, lol everything but the hair color is wrong!)

And since I'm also afraid of damage from permanent dye I found a nice semi-permanent dye!

Insha'allah I'll be getting the dye done this weekend but the cut will have to be from a 'pro' I don't trust myself with scissors (:

[Didn't I tell you it was 'out-there'? Now don't be shy to hurt my feelings!]



Mona said...

You're so funny! I want to see the cut/color you want.

MARiiAM said...

i'd love to see your cut

i want a monroe piercing too :) i think it's HOT but i don't think i'd be allowed

*if only i could sneak out....*

mj said...

a monroe? ouuuch. i used to want snake bites and a labret until i realized the same thing (gum irritation). seems like you really want some big changes though!

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

HAAAAAAAA seriously you crack me up! LOL!!!!

I wanna hair cut tooooo!! and I just dyed my hair chestnut brown wheeeeeeee :)


Stacy aka Fahiima said...

It's definitely worth it to have cute hair even if you don't have a husband. Plus I hate it when women let themselves go once they do get married. I like piercings too and used to have a lot on my ears and had a septum piercing for awhile. Somehow though, I've kind of lost interest in it for now. I'm sure you'll look cute either way.

Lisa said...

I want to see it too! You are at such a fun age sister, the age before kids and no desire to even brush your hair. Love you!

tabz said...

i went through a phase of doing absolutely everything to my hair, crazy haircuts (which i gave myself, because i dont understand how you can pay to have a 'unique' cut) and every colour of the rainbow. it was fun, despite still wearing the hijaab, because it makes you smile when you look in the mirror in the morning.

that said, it DOES make you want to show it off.

im not the most strict-practising, so now my hair seems to give me a good reason to not wear my hijaab some days. i have mixed feelings about it....

but just thought i'd warn you. the first few 'cool' hairstyles might feel okay, but eventually you might start feeling like you want people to see it.


tabz said...

oh wow. i've been googling 'muslim punk' for years now, and i keep ending up with The Taqwacores and the like. As much as i love those guys, it's really not my scene. Especially in the UK, the Taqwacore thing doesnt exist. If you ever find any muslim punk info, let me know!

oh and GET the piercing!
as long as your allowed to. of course!

dont worry about gum irritation etc. some piercings reject, some don't, sometimes it depends on how well you take care of it, sometimes they heal themselves. i can give you a bit of advice/websites/info if you want. I think i ask my mum for a piercing every other day.

i say go for it!

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

I'm not sure about the begging but, do feel free to post a picture anyways.

Also, I want the exact same cut/color but, I'm lazy and most scared. My hairs not too long (shoulder) and so I fear a bad cut--like a muslim cut. You know how Muslims can do any profession lol.

Give me money, I cut iA. I have blessed hands

for the sake of Allah (swt)

ModestJustice said...

Mona: Your wish is my command :D

MARiiAM: Same here! -shakes fists at loving parents- ah well, just two more years >D

MJ: Heck yeah! Thanks to Obama, we're all in love with change! CHANGE IS A'COMIN! I thought snake bites were pretty cool but looks extremely weird on me.

A'qilah: What a GORGEOUS COLOR!! My hair has been dramatically cut only 2 in my life, well technically 3 if you count the horrible haircut I gave myself when I was 9, but I try to forget that -shiver-.

Stacy aka Fahiima: Exactly! Most of my non-muslim friends wonder why I'd cut and dye my hair when no one can see it, but why look like trash just because you're not obligated to dress up? Thank you, I take it as your blessings.

Lisa: Much love for you too sis :) Ahh yes, I'm enjoying this moment, occasionally interrupted by an annoying younger sibling or two but still having fun alhamdulillah ^^ (And you hit the nail on the head with the no desire to brush your hair, I hate doing it but I don't want a bird's nest under my hijab!)

Tabz: This'll be the first time getting it dyed -albeit semi-dyed- so I won't go too overboard with the stylin. Plus thanks, I'll be sure to look out for warning signs if I start itchin' to take it off in the middle of class :o And I heard of Taqwacore a couple months ago but 'rediscovered' it recently. I plan on reading the book but I don't think I've ever been disillusioned by orthodox Islam such as the author. I like the music, not so much the ideology (kind of useless to listen then right? heh) Oh and I saw the first comment! Hahaha, nah I don't wear the niqab sister but I'll support those who do. I like showing my face (conceit much?) :D

PerlxinTexan: And then you end up looking like crap but the hair cutter mysteriously 'disappeared'. Yup, I'll stick to a private room in some professional salon.

singamaraja said...

Singamaraja reading your blog

sabrina said...

Did you change the font on your blog? It's super light now and I'm having a hard time reading it.
And, hello, I'd like to read what you have to say:)

ModestJustice said...

singmaraja: Modest Justice thanking you for commenting on her blog (Couldn't resist)

Sabrina: Yup, I turned it grey (: But now it's back to white, can you see it?

Candice said...

I got my septum pierced like 3 weeks ago. I love it. :) It's a tiny CBR and doesn't show at all when I hide it. Very versatile.

A munroe would be really cool! I don't think there's anything wrong with piercings, really. But just like dressing up with colours, there's a way to overdo it. (You wouldn't want to look like a metal-face just like you wouldn't want to look like a multi-coloured popsicle!)

tabz said...

lol about the niqaab post - i dont quite know why i thought you wore one (i think its because i was thinking about the very lovely looking lady in your blogheader)
but yeah, i read it and realised it needed changing.

only read Taqwacores if you can take a bit of religion-bashing. i'm pretty open minded, but one or two things did miff me a bit. that said, whilst i was reading it was i also thinking 'OMG and i thought i was the only one who thought that!' Let's just say, its an eyeopener.

and the haircut is CUUUUUUUUUTE! i dont like long hair as a general rule, but that style always makes me go ^,^ aww

sabrina said...

Wait...what's going on? You're having surgery? Did I miss something. I didn't think I missed THAT many posts. Be right back -- I need to catch up.

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