Monday, May 11, 2009

I love you Mommy... just one day late

-jumps out of cake-


Well... belated that it is (haircut post will happen sometime later this week)

I was busy over the weekend finishing up my Research paper for English so that's my excuse, what's yours?

Anyway, when I asked my mom what she wanted, (to be honest, my parents never really ask for anything but demand that we celebrate them everyday, in the form of cleaning and doing whatever they ask <3, not just once, so I didn't prepare much...)

She said she wanted a poem from me.

Aww, I feel sooo.. singled out...

In a good way!

So I told her that I did make her one (At least in my heart)

And I'm printing it out at the moment, and I always love being a bit creative with these 'home made' gifts.

One year, it was a timeline of my mother's pictures and with each one there was a new addition (four children total)

This year, I uploaded my siblings and I's pictures when we were all about 3-4 and showed a Before and After thing.

I'd love to say I'm the cutest of the bunch, but I gotta hand it to my younger sister, she looks like my mom the most.

I'd show you guys, but I don't want to put my mother's picture, albeit extremely beautiful that you'll eyes will melt once you see her fabulous beauty hence I don't put my picture up -wink wink-, on the horrible internet.

Time for dinner and time to print the pictures that will inevitable go black and white

stupid printer.

Oh, and what did you guys do -or always do- to honor/celebrate your lovely mommy?

xoxo ModestJustice

P.S: If you want the extremely corny poem, here ya go:
A Mother’s Love

A mother’s love is one you can’t replace
Her unconditional love brings a smile on one’s face
How hard she’s worked to give you life
To provide a home without any strife
Caring for you
Loving you
That’s what a Mother’s love can do

With all the things a Mother can do
Ask yourself who,
Would love you forever no matter the weather
And all the stupid things children do
A mother’s love is blind and spreads joy throughout
A Mother is something no one can live without

A Mother’s love lasts throughout your life
As you evolve from daughter, mother and wife
Once we become old I’ll know one thing
A Mother’s love is everything!

Especially for you, Mother:

Although we’ve never been the best of children
We know you’ll always love us even
Scrapes and bruises, tears and sighs
You’re filled with love mommy pie!

Love ,
Your awesome eldest daughter who took all of your good genes (which are all of them) and those other ones whom you also gave birth to
(okay I didn't write that but I wanted to ;D)


Maryam said...

aww how sweet =)

I didn't do anything for my mom on mother's day...because I celebrate mother's day everyday ;)

ModestJustice said...

That's what we all say...
haha but masha'allah :) I shooouuld become the more dutiful daughter...insha'allah :D

-too lazy to log in-

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

I absolutely LOVE that you're the the eldest daughter. Eldest unite!

I'm still creating my mothers day present. I'm late but, that's the muslim way :)

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

p.s. I'm I for serious not on your blog roll?

tsk tsk tsk

ModestJustice said...

Woo, Fo'sho!

MST : Muslim Standard Time, you gotta be AT LEAST two hours late.

And you are on my blog roll missy, maybe it doesn't show on my page?

Anonymous said...

as salam aleykoum
happy to being muslim
because every day is a mother's day !!!

ur poem is nice masha allah

Coffee Catholic said...

My mom died in 2005 but this year instead of feeling sad I ended up celebrating mother's day myself! So that was a real boost :-)

The interesting thing was, our daughter Elspeth was born the day that my mother died, only in 2008. This really had people thinking! Maybe it helped them to think about God??

Did you put up a new post? It's registering on my blog roll ("Let's get personal") but not showing up on your blog. Hmmm!

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

i swear its nt mothers day in the UK ryt now
yh my mum dnt reali care bout it we get her stuff all de same
bt we r nt as sweet
we jus get roses chocolates and help around etc
tc sweety

ModestJustice said...

Flifla: Wa alaikum salam,
woot woot! Thank you sister!

Coffee Catholic: What an interesting coincidence/miracle. But yeah you're a mom now yourself :)
Oh and I just decided not to post that yet.

Naz: Aw but that's still nice! Besides if I had wanted to buy her something I'd have to ask her for money or my dad (awkward..)

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