Friday, May 22, 2009

Ask-i Memnu, come bacckkk!!!

(Dear Lord, I hate pressing enter and I haven't even finished typing the post yet)

Anywho, I've been watching this Turkish Soap Opera (Ask-i Memnu) featuring the ever-popular turkish actor Kivanc Tatlitug!!! (-swoon- -cough-) You can thank Naz for that after one of her posts!

And while I don't know Turkish (I'm not even fluent in my native tongue, geez) there is an awesome member on Youtube who added subtitles on the bottom of each episode!!!

So I've spent the whole day watching it and you know what happens?

I'll tell you what happened!

The youtube-er didn't subtitle all of the episodes! Adnan and Bishte didn't even get married yet!

GRRRRRRRR -goes into hulk mode-

So if anyone knows turkish and wants to go through the trouble of translating them for me :DDDD (I was on Episode 4 Part 4 -the parts are 10 minutes each- where Adnan is asking Deniz why she wants to leave)or if there's some other website with someone with enough time to subtitle them!

Bless your little heart if you do.

But for your entertainment while I try to watch the rest in turkish here's Episode 1 Part 1 :D

and part 2


tabz said...

salaam lovely!

ahhh. i don't often 'crush' on people.. i mean i find many guys attractive, but that's just my female hormones leaving the teenage years..

i've only had a crush this big once before// *sigh* i will probably have a very soppy blog post about it all one day, but i'm trying not to dwell on it for now.
am trying to make myself see the silliness of it all, but..yeah.. my brain feels stupid =(

but errrrrrrr...why is there an old man in a blue shirt hiding behind the pretty lady on the left?? it's slightly disturbing.
wish i could speak/understand turkish.
but i'm really not a fan of soaps/dramas/etc, so i'm not going to click on the video links i'm afraid =P
i hope someone translates it for you though!!

wasalaam sisterrrrrr

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

aaaaaaaagh kivanc tatli-hotness u mean
ow am so gng 2 wtch tht
btw yu rli need 2 wtch myrna wa khaleel or ur totally missin out

Anonymous said...


this youtuber has all the episodes with english subtitle....hope it helps :D

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