Monday, May 4, 2009

Stop whining!

What up home dogs?

You know, sometimes, I'm glad few people in my actual life (indeed I do have a life)know about my blog. This semi-anonymity is great because if I ever do one of those 'emo' boo-hoo my fish got stuck in the garbage disposer and I can't get him out posts, they won't be there to share in my despair.

Which leads to another thing. You know those friends on Facebook/Myspace/Bloggerland w.e who always tell you their problems through their status'sss? Or blog about their secret emo life which isn't a secret anymore because they have the link to their blog RIGHT ON their status or profile?

No offense kiddies, but no one cares.

No one wants to hear about your problems unless they're your CLOSE friend and not some chatter-er you picked off of MSN or Aim. That post is actually making it awkward and the pity you'll be getting isn't the kind you want. Geez that sounds mean, but I'm not picking on anyone specific (however I do have a few in mind). Everyone's life sucks. Hearing about yours isn't going to anything about the major suckiness of this world.

If you're going to complain, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! :D

-Friendly reminder from ModestJustice, Just in case you forgot!

P.S: I just got my first viewer(probably more I never check) from Israel! Maybe their muslim :D Maybe it happens to be in Palestine where they found internet! FREE FREE PALESTINE! (If not, I'm open to all viewers)


MARiiAM said...

i know it's SOO annoying


ModestJustice said...

right? RIGHT?!

Totally :D

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