Tuesday, November 24, 2009

After much procrastination

I went out and bought my Eid outfit :]

Money's been tight this year, so alhamdulillah that I was able to buy myself and my sister outfits (with my money ya know)

I was also doing some retail therapy, there's been a lot on my mind lately so I buying a new vest couldn't hurt now could it? -well maybe my wallet-

I bought a top and cardigan for my eid ensemble, and a grey vest just for fun!

Tomorrow is a half day at school (ends at noon ) so THANK YOU GOD!

On Monday we had to endure a Code Red drill (do you know how pointless those are? I mean A) if a shooter was smart enough, he/she would know that people would be barricading and B) What if it were a conspiracy and had people INSIDE the rooms to.. just wondering)

I spent over an hour in my french class and most of it was in a corner with my fellow classmates (at least we were bribed with cookies)

And also tomorrow me, my father and my sister will be driving up to Davis to get my brother for the holidays!

But his class ends at 10 PM, so we'll get to hang out in Sacramento for the entire day :D

Insha'Allah this holiday weekend will be AWESOME

Take care you guys, and don't be alarmed if I don't blog much :]

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Okay so I don't know why I haven't told anyone yet (It's a busy week, two essays in-class tomorrow, no wonder)

but, guess who is going to hajj?!


obviously not me, I'm bloggin' here!


MY GREAT-GRANDMA (my mom's mom's mom)!

Masha'Allah! She went to Hajj with her sister (great-grand aunt), and her own two children (my grand aunt and uncle)!

She's most likely around 80 something since back in Ethiopia (my mother's side is Oromo/Somali/Yemeni but more Oromo for my great-grandma) she married when she was 15-16.


Now I'm not 15 but when my Aunt called to wish me a happy birthday she jokingly said "You know, girls your age are married back in Africa"

They marry in their teens and it may seem like such a culture shock but that's not what this post was even about.

I just wanted to say that my great-granny (who I've never met only seen in photos) is going for I think her first time to Hajj!

Wow! There's like 4 generations of women in my family. I really want to get a picture of me, her, my grandma and my mom. It would be very awesome.

Please make Dua'a that she'll stay safe and have a great time (come on it's Hajj!)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So I was gonna post about de-hijabifying

Clarification: Not me de-hijabifying but the reasons of why someone would, the reception and criticism people get if they do, e.t.c
Again: Not me, just my thoughts and views on it

If it is even a word.

But don't get alarmed yet, it's not about me, it was just a post about the situation and maybe a personal experience.

However, in light of recent events (I'll try to stay neutral) I've decided to talk about it in a month or so.

Wearing hijab and all that goes with it and then making the decision to take it off are both very important decisions to me (I'm still a hijabi) and just discussing why I would ever want to take it off requires a long analysis on my part.

But we'll discuss that another day.

P.S I'm still a hijabi (not making the assumption that those who do choose to take it off or not wear it at all are weaker in faith or less... strong; it's a personal decision that no one else should make for a muslimah)

I don't believe...

November 17th, 2009

That God gave us talents only to be told by others that it is 'haram'

or violates 'such and such rules of propriety'

or that we are committing some act of sin because the boy in the third row got into a frenzy of lust.

I don't believe

that God is unjust.

That we aren't here for a reason.

I don't believe

That with whatever talents we have, with God always in mind and always first to please,

we must conform to other people's standards of 'religiosity'

I won't believe,

that I must look like my fellow sister Aicha down the block to be considered 'a perfect muslimah'

Nor do I think that everyone has to conform to one standard of Islam.

I do believe

that people do things in stages

Like a crescent moon slowly waxing into a full moon

so does sister Laila take steps to wearing hijab

I believe

that any woman -hijabi or not- is a sister to me

I believe

in destiny

in human goodness

in the light at the end of the tunnel

in the calm after the storm

I won't believe in everything of this life

But I will believe in God

-Modest Justice

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wow, it's going to be mon anniversaire!

November 14th, 2009

Tomorrow is my birthday you guys, only exciting thing about this weekend.

Today, I spent six-hours in a SAT prep thing, and it felt like forever [turns out I forgot a lot of my geometry and algebra]

But tomorrow isn't going to be special at all, my little 'luncheon' is cancelled, I don't expect anything from my family ('we don't celebrate birthdays' is code for 'too expensive' although my family never took birthdays seriously anyway), but I can look forward to homework.

woo *sarcasm*

Schools been taking up my time hence lack of posts, but I have a really nice one in my head, I just can't seem to express it well while typing.

Eh, we'll see. Anywho just felt like not making this weekend an entire bust because I have you guys dear readers/blogs I read.

Maybe I do need a hobby.


Friday, November 6, 2009

Life caught up with me[ NaNoWriMo]

November 6th, 2009

Hey you guys!

Decided to post to let you all know I'm still alive (And swamped with hw and projects- thanks for caring Sultani!)

But thankfully it's the weekend!

Do any of you guys know about NaNoWriMo? National Novel Writing Month?

You basically try to complete a 50k Novel in a month!

That's write! (hehe)


I joined it this year and I'm about 6,000 words behind so far (trying to get 1,000 a day but I'm leaving it all for the weekend -cringe-)

I love writing and reading, but the irony is that I never finish what I start.

I usually have stories that I stop halfway due to lack of interest or I get so caught up in the non-fiction world that it eventually gathers dust in my inventory.

I started this one novel a year ago and I'm still trying to work on it but on NaNoWriMo I started a whole 'nother novel.


So if you wanna join (not too late! Just a couple days behind) go to the link or check out other people's stories on there.

Writing, for me, is a great outlet and insha'Allah I can win this year! (By win, I mean actually get to 50,000 words. Currently: 1,200 :[ )

And that's a brief update. I'll discuss something 'brainy' later.

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