Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So I was gonna post about de-hijabifying

Clarification: Not me de-hijabifying but the reasons of why someone would, the reception and criticism people get if they do, e.t.c
Again: Not me, just my thoughts and views on it

If it is even a word.

But don't get alarmed yet, it's not about me, it was just a post about the situation and maybe a personal experience.

However, in light of recent events (I'll try to stay neutral) I've decided to talk about it in a month or so.

Wearing hijab and all that goes with it and then making the decision to take it off are both very important decisions to me (I'm still a hijabi) and just discussing why I would ever want to take it off requires a long analysis on my part.

But we'll discuss that another day.

P.S I'm still a hijabi (not making the assumption that those who do choose to take it off or not wear it at all are weaker in faith or less... strong; it's a personal decision that no one else should make for a muslimah)


kakchik said...

Assalamualaikum dear sister.
I know what you are referring to and I think I can understand what you are going through. However, I pray to Allah that your hijab will stay forever with much love from you. May Allah be with you sis in whatever obstacles that you have to endure.

♫T♪ said...

this'll probably annoy your other readers, and bring up comments etc below mine, but i dont check the 'follow up comments' box so i should say, dont bother.

i'm pretty much de-hijaabed now. i wear it to work sometimes coz its a smarter option than my collection of hats. or if my hair is being a pain that day.

i guess i'll blog about it at some point, but its not really something i dwell enough so i doubt i'll blog it soon.. still :) i look forwrd to reading your thoughts on it :)

salam x

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

because im late and extremly late i didnt know about the " recent event or events" and i still dont properly however im just shocked and i dont even know if its really bad that im shocked personally i beleive that wearing a hijab doesnt decide how good a muslim you are i have cousins who dotn wear hijab but would never miss a single prayer and hijabi cousins who get up to god knows what, hijab is a personal choice, however people are twisting what "personal choice" means yes its up to you but doing the wrong thing hijab or not its still up to you however its still WRONG its up to everyone to realise they need to worship god not because anybody else said so but because god said so, if someone did you a favour youd do your best to thank them and re-pay them
why wont anyone thank god?
i dont understand
anyways salaamz sis

sultani said...

Salaam sister,

I know one thing: Satan starts luring people with small things. First, u think something Haram is so little, or is not Haram at all. Then u go furtther and further untill the Haram u do becomes normal.

Slave of God said...

As Muslims, we should respect Hijab in itself as a sign of virtue and religion. No matter how bad a woman can be, if she is wearing hijab, that would make her better than any other girl who doesn't wear it. There are good non-muhajjabahs, but any muhajjabah would be better than them. Correct me if I'm wrong. And Allah knows best.

ModestJustice said...

Kakchik: Wa alaikum salam, thank you sister! May Allah swt guide us all

T: Darn you should check the 'follow up comments' for mine! You should blog about it, I love reading people's reasoning and their own experience before,during,or after hijab. :]

Naz: I always know when you comment!LOL I like your analogy habibti, and it's true people can still be good people regardless of their 'outer appearance'

Sultani: Salaam, Thank you for the reminder.

Slave of God: Well I have to disagree because I believe that Allah swt would rather have a pious and believing non-hijabi than an insincere 'hypocrite' hijabi. But I understand what you mean. May Allah swt guide us all!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, de-hijabify can be a word. It might not be in the Oxford English Dictionary, but if you and your audience knows what you mean, then it is a word!

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