Saturday, May 16, 2009

I dyed

So I told you guys I'd make a post concerning the 'hurr' situation, and here it is!

Last week, I spent the evening at my Grandmother's house, hiding from their demonic cat (which belongs to my Uncle and Aunt but is still evil)and trying to entertain myself with Comcast. It's really hard.

We were hoping to go to my Aunt's house and dye my hair there but I felt it was too late to bother her.

Fast forward to this Friday.

My mother scheduled an appointment with this hair salon, but I had also planned on watching Star Trek with the rest of the family (Which was AWESOME by the way).

SO we canceled the appointment, got out the coloring box and set to work.

It was a shade lighter than black (nutmeg brown?) and took 10 minutes to do.

Wow, and I was expecting an hour or something ( <-- inexperienced with all things non-henna)

And now my hair actually feels soft and whatnot. It's semi-permanent, and will be gone in about a month or so.

My Hurr is dyed, soft and flippable... if anyone still does that.


Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Yeah henna is crazy. I have to leave it on at least 4hrs to get it to color my hair. Its cheap though and I like the smell of henna, but that's just me.

Coffee Catholic said...

I had my hair dyed several times. One of those times my hair ended up as red as a fire truck. Another of those times it came out PURPLE. That was interesting...

Sonia said...

Well-well!!!! Sounds like someone's been primping up... any special occasion?

Anywhoo.....I got highlights during the highlight craze about 5 years ago... regretted it!!!! Wanted to dye my hair but then decided against it since I'm still trying to grow out my hair (I got a night mare of a hair cut about which I will post later) so yeah..... not messing with my hair anymore :(

tabz said...


d.i.y. hair all the way *thumbs up*

i'd have gone for green or blue myself =P


Anonymous said...

as salam aleykoum

i dyed my hair too and it is terrific

please avoid to use color after henna it will kills ur hair

ModestJustice said...

Stacy aka Fahiima: Really? It smells nice? What kind of henna do YOU use? Because the one my mom always forces on me smells horrible. No wonder I don't use henna often.

Coffee Catholic: Very interesting! I wonder how purple would've looked..

Sonia: Nah no occasion, well, unless looking my best everyday is an occasion ;D Kidding! I wanted highlights back then but parental units vehmently disagreed. I guess I should be lucky then?

Tabz: I know right?! I'm glad I didn't have to wait a month or something due to laziness. But I wanted a subtle color for now, next time, insha'allah, I'm going for red B)

Flifla: Wa alaikum salam! My hair feels softer now! And I was expecting it to be a fried mess >.> Don't worry sister, I used Henna almost a year ago because I hate the smell of it. :D

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

my mum wud love it if i dyyed my hair
bt bcoz of sum unknown strange gentic mixup
a somali gurl has brown hair naturaly
(dnt ask)
nd i wnt it black bt every1 says its haram
so npe no colour
tempts me
bt black

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