Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh look! A Happy Sappy Post!

Yeah I've decided to quit with the whining and smile! :D


Is it working?


Recently, I've found (well a friend showed me) out about this HORRIBLE, WORST, PIECE-OF-CRAP-MANKIND-COULD-CREATE fanfic written a couple years back.

It's 'loosely based' on Harry Potter.
It has lots of language, description of clothing, and generally the worst grammar and spelling ever imagined.

The writing is basically that of a dyslexic sea monkey on crack (Well, after she 'fires' her editor)

If you wish to take the torturing yet somehow hypnotizing journey of reading such a fanfic- and possibly waste precious moments of your life while doing so- then search of My Immortal fanfic

.... or just click here you lazy bum --> I said HERE!

But if reading really isn't your 'thing' and you prefer a dramatic reading (which I highly recommend for the lulz and the british accent which always makes everything better)

then proceed to Hellfire Commentaries (no pun intended) over ---> HERE

I'm sure you guys are wondering "This is why you haven't been updating for the past week or so? THIS?!"

But of course not sillies! I haven't updated because I had work to do :D

The reason why I haven't taken the initiative to update for the past couple of days is because of THAT :D

[And the effect of listening to 44 chapters of dramatic reading has permanently affected -or is it effected?- the voice in my head to only speak in a british accent. So play along and pretend the narrator for this post is speaking with an accent dangit!]

That'll be all for today children of the corn,


kakchik said...

LOL, I'm laughing although I don't understand some part of your story.

Mona said...

Ha, you crack me up. Dyslexic Sea Monkey!

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

HAHA WHYS EVRYONE ALWAYS TAKIN THE PISS OUT OF ENGLISH ACCENTS? :s- ow shit i jus realised all tht was in caps nd am nt bovvered bout changin it
btww if ur sufferin from severe child abuse on the form od education
i advise yu to get high on sherbets chocolate and fizzy drinks and all sygary things
itll make u smiile and help u get thru scientific essays or something :P

Alysha said...

Haha, now I might just have to read it. HP all the way! *wink*

ModestJustice said...

kakchik: As long as you laughed sister :DDDD LOL

Mona: Thanks lool, first thing that came to mind really

Naz: BECAUSE YOUR ACCENTS ARE FREAKING AWESOME! Next to Aussie accents. LOL I'm guessing that plan worked for you? Well, whatever works for nazzy I'll try! But if I overdose on sugar I'm blaming you.


Alysha: Haha! But if your IQ lowers significantly and whenever you try to draw new outfits you can only draw 'goffik' -i swear to God that's how she spelled it- clothing, I WARNED YOU.
But other than that, it's a boatload of laughs if it's with the british commentary :DDD

Note:It took me a couple of hours to gather my thoughts together after that horrendous crap called 'fanfic'
Oh and viewer discretion advised when attempting to read the novel :]

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