Monday, September 14, 2009

About Modest Justice

Behind the Veil: Modest Justice

Snarky, sarcastic, thoughtful, narcissistic, and full of hopes, dreams and aspirations, Modest Justice is a complex blogger who likes to think of her life as well...

a blog

Writing in the sarcastic third person style common to today's younger generation, she blogs about the randomness of her blog (like everyone else, which technically voids the whole randomness then right?) and occasionally rants at the injustice society serves, all while keeping her hijab in place.

Once seen as an anomaly, she's slowly shed light on her background which consists of an East African heritage, and a high school education (well, almost)

She has no idea what she wants to be in life and while she chronicles her adventures at the mosque, poems and stories form inside her head. Which she occasionally posts.


Her real name? Modest Justice, we just went over that.

Maybe in time bloggers will find out in whole, but for now, let's just call her MJ (cuz I'm bad)

Now done with writing in third person, this About Me has come to a close


Veiled Knight said...

Assalamu Alaikum,
Cute! Sorry I haven't been on for a while!
Your sis in Islam,
Veiled Knight
Typical Status: Doing some form of Ibadah at her local mosque

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

What are you planning to study once you graduate?

ModestJustice said...

Stacy: No clue :|
I mean, my parents are obviously pushing for pre-med
I was thinking of being an English Major (maybe) or becoming a journalist.
If you know where to find a career test, I'd be happy to take it!

Veiled Knight: Wa Alaikum salam,
Glad you're back! Missed your blogposts :D

Mina said...

Mashallah abaayo, your too adorable and why the heck havent i seen this post before...

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