Thursday, July 2, 2009

Why I'd rather stay home and glare at the kiddies than be caught dead in these

Next weekend, my friend is going to be having a Pool Party.
Ahh yes, the dreaded pool party, not because of the cellulite (which is totally non-existent)but because I need a -drum roll-


Now now! Don't choke from rolling on the floor laughing (rofl anyone?) It's not uncommon to see a hijabi looking for a decent swimsuit. Amirite?

-crickets chirp-

Oh whatever! Although it's an all girls event and I'm trying to get my friend to forbid cameras after we get into the pool, I'm still looking for an modest swimsuit for my more often, public pool excursions. Or the beach. You know how you're always the one in the corner of the pool glaring at all the kiddies and guys able to swim without any inhibitions while you froth and bubble in rage. Or sunburn.
Or both.

Which is why I'm trying to find a decent swimsuit UNDER $100. I don't need to spend a couple month's allowance on a swimsuit I'll only use during the summer -pfft-!(And we wonder why a lot of hijabis don't swim in public)

I mean, I'm not in dire need of a modest swimsuit, but having one in the closet is always great for the random trips to the beach. Even though I'd probably never step two feet outside in them.

Seriously, all the modest swimsuits out there just don't seem to be as.. good. Ya know?

They're either too tight

Image taken from

or they're just plain ugly.

Image taken from

Can I get an 'AMEN'? Or not, but I'm sure you understand where I'm coming from.

But some swimsuits can look so good and have the worst 'tops/hat/deflatedballoon' type hijabs.

Image taken from

Like, what IS a hijood?! And why would I put it on my head? Sorry Ahiida, I love the concept of your suits but they're just not my style. Wearing a balloon on my head is way too humiliating. Even in private.

But not all muslims swimsuits are defeating in their purpose or lacking in taste.

Image taken from Price: $109.00

Image taken from Price: $125.00 for Shirt/Pants/Hood combo

Even these decent ones that I would purchase are over $100. Maybe it pays to have good quality? Probably, but I don't see why a lycra hood has to cost $15.00
Call me cheapo or Miss Greedy Pants (actual nickname, Miss Grouchy Pants thank you very much) but I'll stick to shorts and a shirt. Again.

How disappointing muslim fashionistas! Can't you at least make a decent modest swimsuit under $50? (Total, not each, and if any of you debuting swimwear designers happens to make it cheap, you can contact me and I'll be seeing discounts coming my way for inspiring you ;D -cough- -cough- Oh dear, I have a cold!)

Well I'm done for now, it's almost midnight but I spent an hour writing this post for you lovely readers. And I better get more comments!


Coffee Catholic said...

Try being FAT and finding a muslim swimsuit!! I did buy a Christian modest swimsuit from but after a year or two I realized it wasn't anywhere near as modest as it could be. We went to the beach last night and I wore a shirt and a pair of tights underneath the swimsuit and I looked like a CLOWN! I felt like such a dork.

I do like the black swimsuit you featured here... but I'll bet it is only for thin ladies. **Sigh** I'll go look just the same. But hey... if all else fails I can send a picture to the seamstress at and see if she can sew me one along similar lines in my size?? :-)

*~Ange~* said...

the 2nd one is frumptastic

maryam said...

well i dont know how to swim so i dont have to worry about this yet.


Lazeena Umm Yusuf said...

I always wind up sitting at the edge of the pool dipping my feet in the water. I'd rather fill my tub up at home than dare an 'islamic swimsuit' haha. inshaAllah you find something that suits you

ModestJustice said...

Coffee Catholic: I've done that before!! :D It was for P.E and I felt like such an idiot. But the black swimsuit comes in a bunch of sizes! You're not fat, you're curvy! But which black swimsuit? The one with the print or all black one?
All Black:;product_id=302376

Ange: Very

Maryam: Haha, yeah I guess you don't. But you will, you willl!!!! :D

Lazeena: Insha'allah :) Hmm maybe I should try putting on those kiddie pools in the middle of my living room! It could work :D

clare said...

I have a rashguard (like for surfing) and some running tops that are loose and work well in water, but I cannot find any pants that will work. Everything online is too big or just crazy expensive. :(

ModestJustice said...

Clare: For the pants issue, I do have some water-proof 'jogging pants' but I don't know if I would drown in it. Online things are way too pricey so yeah, I just don't bother :D

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