Friday, January 16, 2009

Where will I be in a decade?

Sometimes, I reflect on my life, where I've been and how far I'm going to go.
Yes, even I have things to reflect on and things to look forward to. But the fuzzy part is my career. Where do I find my self a couple years from now? In University of course. Then? Medical School. Then? Uhhh, residency/marriage? THEN? Children :D SERIOUSLY?
... yes
Or so I thought. But when I think of it every now and then, I wonder if I really do want to be a Pediatrician. Devote myself to a 9-5 hour job which has a great pay and I'll always get a job anywhere around the world. Half of me wants that life, then the other half wants to lounge around at home or go shopping or do numerous housewife things and just let my husband work. I know this seems WAY in the future, but there must be sometime to think of it right? Yes, what happens if me and my husband both have to work? That's where my PH.D in awesomeness comes in but insha'allah maybe I won't have to do that. I'm pretty sure I'll become a Pediatrician but other than, I have no idea what else I shall be doing.

For some reason, planning one's life out seems like such a girl thing to do. We always over analyze things and looking back at this post I see I've done just the same :)Everything is in Allah swt's hands and insha'allah I wish only for the best

Cheers to life,

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LondonMuslimah said...

I hear you sister! I've got college very soon and I'm stuck as to what course i want to take. I love art but it's a job that doesn't pay very well. Then there's being a doctor or lawyer ( which my dad wants me to be). So honestly speaking, where do I see myself in a decade? Hopefully with a well paying job, a husband, a house and on our way to making kid. I pray that Allah grants us a good things in the life. Ameen!

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