Sunday, January 11, 2009

Free Free Palestine!


I was so grateful that I could attend the protest that had happened today. I woke up at 8, an ungodly hour for me, showered and dressed by 10:30 when we would leave in an hour!

I was so pumped when we were headed there and saw the huge crowd of protesters. The energy was so amazing and as someone handed us signs to wave, I nearly lost my voice screaming for peace and freedom. We marched through the shopping complex, up and down streets, passing out flyers. I think 2,000 people rallied today and masha'allah you could hear our voices echo on the buildings!
Things we chanted were:
"Free, Free Palestine!"
"From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!"
"While your shopping bombs are dropping!"
"Hey hey, ho ho, the Occupations gotta go!"
Marching around and in the area, we cheered and shouted. The heat blazed on our foreheads while the colors of red, black, white and green reflected on the windows. I'm pretty sure people heard us loud and clear. I bought a shemagh on Friday and couldn't wait to put together an ensemble sure to look Protest-friendly haha. But $15 bucks?! Talk about capitalizing!

After the protest, and a brief relative visit, we went back around to honk and show our 'support' and were astonished to see an Israeli flag in the middle of the street with cars running over it -on accident since a bus did it-. Seeing numerous po pos (police) we could only guess some disagreement broke out and yes, there were counter protests. I saw the flag and couldn't believe they had the nerve! But as the first amendment states, if it's peaceful, it's legal. Although I was still ticked that they could support the killing of innocents.

But besides that damper in my day, the protest gave me an outlet to exercise my rights and show support for the UMMAH! You know, this activism thing could be my niche. And not just for Palestine, all around the world. From Somalia to Sri Lanka to Sacramento. If people's right are being violated and abused, here comes Modest Justice to the rescue! Beware of paper cuts from her signs and warning of deafness form her screams! Haha, it just might work out.

Pumped up Modest Justice


ADK said...

It's so good of you...

M.J. said...

MasAllah, may Allah SWT reward you for going and helping out your brothers and sisters. It's beyond sad what's happening around the world today :( BTW the "while your shopping" slogan really hits home.

ModestJustice said...

Alhamdulillah, I feel thankful that I was even able to go :]

And yeah I could see the expressions of the shoppers faces as we shouted out that particular line :|

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