Monday, January 12, 2009

Fresh Idea for Gaza

Seeing as how I'm part of my masjid's sister e-mailing list, I got this on one of the e-mails and I had to share it with you all:

"Asalaamu Alaikoum Sisters,
I just had another idea for Gaza. Sisters, please take this idea very seriously. I don't know who else to communicate it to yet... but I may make a video on youtube about it. We need to ORGANIZE and call for a WORLD WIDE strike! It would be our Strike Back!? This is a non-violent peaceful way to land a blow directly into the US and Israeli corporations which fund the killing! I am just thinking that we would organize ALL Muslims World Wide via an official Islamic decree from our scholars and All other people who stand with Palestine in Solidarity. This is simple we choose one day to unite and NOT go to work! We could all just go to the streets in a massive peaceful protest that day. This would draw major media and political attention. If the killing doesn't stop and our One day strike is successful ~ we can then go for a week etc. until it stops! People strike for raises, money,contracts, etc. We need to form our own Union and strike back!? Inshallah I hope my idea makes some sense. Please pass it on to anyone who can take any action! Please sisters email or contact someone tonight if they have any connections to Islamic scholars in your home country. This could work InshAllah!
Jazaakum Allah Khair,

Next E-mail
Asalaamu Alaikoum Sisters
I am sorry to be flooding your inbox with too many emails. Thank you to the people who have responded to my initial thoughts. I just wanted to let you all know that I just created a group to spread the word and it would be great if you could join the group and invite your friends World Wide. Please email all of your contacts to alert them to this project and ask for help. Anyone willing to work on this project can go right ahead and start.
The official email is:

I'suggest the following initial actions:

1)Invite all of your friends to join the Facebook group
2)Email the info and all updates to everyone in your contact list
3)Contact any Islamic scholar or Imam you know and ask them to support the effort and announce it at Jummuah
4)Work to Obtain a religious decree from our scholars making participation a religious obligation on all Muslims like the boycotting of Israeli supporting companies
5)Someone Please volunteer to build a website or add this info to your website to inform the populations of the world
6)Make Youtube videos with the details and updates about this Event and post the videos in MULTIPLE video service websites (Youtube will censor this movement)
7)Make videos in Multiple languages in order to reach the entire UMMAH and unite us
8)Act quickly and become highly organized! The killing will probably continue for another month, but we should try to arrange this strike day before then.
9)We can all spare 1 day of work
10)Women and children FIRST ~ everyone participates in the strike and the protest!



So this made me think for a while, and although a day away from school is great, it could also show how unified Islam really is.
If we are.
Therefore, I shall do my part by informing everyone around me and insha'allah I'll e-mail her and ask if there's anyway a highschool-er can help :]

May Allah swt answer our prayers and lead us all on the right path. May the oppressed be free and insha'allah may the Ummah be united as one.

-Modest Justice

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