Thursday, January 1, 2009

Google AdSense

Asalamu Alaikum!

Okay so I signed up for AdSense one day because, like all things google, I wanted one.
So now that I have a blog I decided to put it in, but I'm afraid of any content that is unislamic or anti-anything we believe in! So I'd like every and anyone to point out to me if any of the ads has some content that isn't well, appropriate. I'll then remove it and tell myself to stop being greedy!

Jazak'allah Khair :D

-Modest Justice

Oh and I cannot encourage clicks :'D


Ms.Unique said...

Yup that's what get me from adding Adsense to my blog too ...

ModestJustice said...

I went onto the competitive filtering thing on the Adsense page and typed in the links that I had seen on my blog that were NOT allowed. Like arab lounge and what not...

Now, insha'allah, those ads are not bad. Unless anyone objects to muslim clothing sites lol :]

ipv6 said...

everthing should be ok if one care to learn..

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