Saturday, January 17, 2009

'No Communities'

France on alert for Gaza hate messages

PARIS: French authorities will increase their checks on television, radio and the Internet to prevent any hate messages prompted by the conflict in Gaza from spreading, Prime Minister Francois Fillon has said.
France has seen an increase in primarily anti-Semitic acts apparently related to Israel’s offensive in the Gaza Strip.
“Even a cursory look at the Internet is enough to find blogs ... carrying messages of incredible violence, whether against Israel or against the Palestinians,” Fillon said after a meeting with ministers on fighting racism and anti-Semitism.
He said he had asked the CSA, the broadcast authority, and an expert on issues of freedom of expression on the Internet to conduct more thorough checks on what was being published.
Fillon also said the courts were primed to take vigorous action against any perpetrators of hate crimes related to Gaza.
France has the biggest Muslim and Jewish communities in Europe.
“We’re not in Israel, we’re not in Palestine, we’re in France. And in France there are no communities because we’re all citizens equal before the law,” Fillon said. – Reuters

"...there are no communities because we’re all citizens equal before the law,”

What? So now, you've stripped your citizens of their culture? Of who they are and their right to come together as a community? France, you never cease to amuse me. With your bans and your intolerance I think you should be checking your own gov't for hate crimes. You're supposed to have Freedom of Religion and Freedom from Religion. How dare you deny people to practice their beliefs outside their house. Sometimes France makes America look better. Ironically, I'm learning french in school, but besides that the world leadership is full of hypocrisy.

Yeah, I said it. The UN sucks. World Leaders in general can kiss my- Hijab! Them and their double standards, I can't believe any of them anymore. How can you put a muslim website on the "Watch List" but let websites like '' and '' keep spewing their libel! It angers me when people get their facts wrong and the media backs them up. Heads up morons, You can't call an arab anti-semitic because THEY'RE SEMITES TOO.

Okay I should calm down. But I can't help feeling powerless and I can't do anything to stop these people. It's bringing down the Ummah, and how sad that a tragedy has to bring us together. How many more children must die before the 'Muslims Countries' get their acts together or for Obama to see that America has to stop funding the guns for Israel? Another thing about Obama, I remember wearing a t-shirt on the day of the election filled with hope after the horrendous 8 years. But I sure got a smack in the face from reality (all thanks due to Allah swt) when I saw that he's not going to help muslims. It isn't even in his power to take stand now is it? What good would it do when our country is in the middle of an economic collapse for him to "condemn". That's all he can do when half of America's youth is fighting a pointless worth in Iraq.

But it's sad to see the American people believing everything the Government spoon feeds them.




Anonymous said...

as salam aleykoum sister
thank u for this article i ignored this news waou but as a french muslim citizen i am not at all surprised
did u noticed that the prime minister just evocated RACISM and ANTSEMITISM what about ISLAMOPHOBIA!!!!! I am so fed up of this why in France they always put in front ANTISEMITISM and never speak or even evocate ISLAMOPHOBIA !!! it is a shame and and proof that in France communauties are not equal at all towards governement

even in the media when a jew is harrassed by someone they make huge reportage about it and when a muslim is harrased by someone no words no articles no reportage !!!!

last week two arabic boys students(muslim ?) were attacked by 7 jews who were given to student flyers about Israel, i read article on muslim media on the web but nothing on french tv that's a shame that's not equal and fair

about what Fillon said we are in France, it is a shame to consider a citizen just according to his citizenship and not about his origins, his religious backgrounds
omit religion and origins is not the best way to reach equality


ModestJustice said...

Everyone is siding with Israel now astagfurillah. Thank you sister for your thoughts on this, I agree with you 100% and if I ever visit France, I actually want to make a point of going to a school with a hijab on.

Islamophobia is only being advocated by news media worldwide, it's tiring and Sarkozy isn't much of a leader anyway, what president marries a supermodel?

Anonymous said...

what president marries a supermodel
u know how we call him here blinbling president he is such a bipppppppppp
she is an ex supermodel and she is singer
it is not really a love wedding she wanted power and he needed a supermodel wife so deal!
she must stay married with him for five years it is more a work contract than a wedding contract

ModestJustice said...

Can you say "Golddigger" ?

Because that's what it sure looks like! Wow, I'm guessing he isn't a strong leader? haha

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