Sunday, January 25, 2009

Afghans protest against U.S on Civilian death

MEHTAR LAM, Afghanistan (Reuters) – Thousands of Afghans protested against President Hamid Karzai and the United States on Sunday over reports of fresh civilian deaths caused by U.S.-led troops during a raid against Taliban militants.

The issue of civilian casualties is sensitive in Afghanistan and has eroded public support for Karzai's government and the foreign troops backing it.

It has also caused a rift between Karzai and his Western allies more than seven years after U.S.-led and Afghan forces overthrew the Taliban's government.

First off, why the hell is the U.S still in Afghanistan? Sure, pat on the back for overthrowing the Taliban but what else is there to do? Kill more people in the sake of Democracy? The operation causing the latest controversy happened this week in eastern Laghman province. The U.S. military said on Saturday that troops, backed by air support, had killed 15 militants in an overnight operation.

But in addition to killing the Taliban militants "16 civilians, many of them children and women, were killed" in the operation."

Well at least protests are being held and they're not staying quiet about it. But why is America in Afghanistan in the first place? Of course we'd say they're in the Middle East for the oil, greedy bastards. But even before 9/11, America wanted their share of the black gold. The only thing in their way was the 'regime' controlling the country. So when they did away with the Taliban the Afghanistan oil pipeline project was finally able to proceed in May 2002. This could not have happened if America had not taken military action to replace the government in Afghanistan.

The provincial governor tried to calm the demonstrators and invited them for talks with representatives of the U.S.-led troops. But some protesters threw stones at him and he stopped his speech.
If only we could do that in the U.S every time we didn't like what we hear...

That brings me to my next question, if the U.S really did invade for Oil and "Osama Bin Laden" why are they in Iraq now? They don't have Osama since he's originally from Saudi Arabia and why haven't they found him already? Are you seriously telling me with our highly advanced technologies we can't find one man?

Well this man put it bluntly "If the foreign troops do not put an end to their operations, we will launch jihad," said Malik Hazrat, a protest leader. Their views not mine

-Modest Justice

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