Thursday, January 15, 2009

In the Moment

I wish I could say I was more in the moment.
Spontaneous and wild ya'know? When you get invited to mall trips, "I'M IN!" or when asked to ditch P.e "I'M ALL OVER THAT YO!"


Unfortunately, I being the good muslim girl that I am, opt to ask my parents for permission and decline so that I won't miss any points. -smile- But why not cause some mischief? Have some fun and live life! Besides the fear of getting in trouble with the law (Like my friends are even THAT wild), I know Allah swt always watches me. So if I do something wrong I'll have to explain my reasons to Him.

However, I also have to point out, that ditching P.E when you have an A isn't even that bad. It's worse to not dress out and lose 5 points, than to cut and lose 2. Then there is the whole 'mall' issue. What do you expect me to do? Take off my hijab and gallivant around with the "evil" boys in the world? I wish. NOT. The only wandering I do is to look for a nice restaurant in the food court. Or try to figure out what movie to watch. (Hmm, Bride Wars or My Bloody Valentine? -sigh- the choices)
Now that could lead to a whole 'nother post on trust, but I'm not discussing that at the moment. It isn't hard to live life in the moment, morally.

Now you must thinking, "This is what bothers her? SHUT UP! Atleast you can choose whether you want to live or not, people are DYING!" ... ._.; I do care about the muslims out there around the world. It's my Ummah too. And for that matter, everything going around the world at the moment. I just decided to bring in some levity to this discussion -points to blog title- It is about my mind you know.

So in my handy-dandy nerdy $3 dollar Wal-mart planner, I'll schedule a trip to the mall tomorrow and ditch P.E next Thursday. Exciting right?


Anonymous said...

When I read the first sentence I thought you were talking about having great instant comebacks, I know that's what I want, like one time these guys were talking near the cash registers where I worked about "Man, the Middle East, we should just build a huge wall around it and flood the friggin' place." And I was working with this Moroccan guy and thought he'd be upset, but he just turns to the guys and says "That wouldn't work, the sand would just soak it all up." I wish I had awesome comebacks like that. But you could live life in the moment, morally. Like ditch PE, but go to a homeless shelter or soupkitchen or something. That way you're being spontaneous, but still being good, plus people can't really be mad because you're helping the less fortunate.

ModestJustice said...

There will come times when I am faced with such situations, and I will keep that comeback in mind :)
Sorry to disappoint you

But you know, your suggestion is something I could do :D

Thanks Sis

M.J. said...

Just be careful, inshAllah! I hope you have fun. BTW, love your blog layout.

ModestJustice said...

Aww! Concern :)
Thank you, I feel special now.

I actually did have fun watching Bride Wars :D And took one of those wacky photo booth pictures haha

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