Saturday, January 17, 2009

'Titanic' -Reminiscing

"My Heart will go on"
Ahh yes, the theme song of every teen out there during the year of 1997 when the 'Titanic' came out. The tragedy of the actual boat was nothing compared to the tragedy of the lovers.
Or mine.

-sigh- That fateful evening when I was 11 and I had just finished watching the 'Titanic' yet again :D My older brother came into the living room and just stared at my singing the song.

"You know that movie isn't real right?"

I stare at him, "Yes it is."

He stares back, "Nuh-uh" He was 13 at the time and thought he knew everything, jerk.


"I'm not lying!"

"PROVE IT!" I went over to the computer and google-ed (Haha it wasn't THAT long ago) it. When I saw that it really wasn't true, something in me broke.

Yes, I was those damned fangirls, the ones who thought Rose and Leo would live together for eevvveeeeerrrr (Which wasn't the case obviously). Or just wanted the pretty boy for herself.

But it was all just a marketing trick to get sappy old ladies, middle-aged ladies, women in general, to pay and watch a 2 hour film that will leave you in tears. -sniff- My fairy tale romance was ruined. That and the advent of the "Google" and "Wikipedia" where I learned Romeo and Juliet really do die at the end, unicorns weren't real and no I don't go to heaven directly after I die.

Life is such a downer.


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