Friday, January 16, 2009

Brain Freeze

There is absolutely nothing to do, nothing to write about and nothing to say! I am empty... I also place all blame on studying for finals this week.

I am tapped out of any ideas._.


Time for a story!
-falls asleep-

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Sana. She loved to find the truth and searched for it everywhere. Climbing the tallest trees, she'd hide between the branches and spy on her parents and their friends. Sana knew it was bad to eavesdrop, but as she saw her parents talk and joke with the neighbors next door, she couldn't help but think that the grown up world was glamorous. Her mother would dress up in lavish accessories and attend a myriad of weddings with her father. But often, they'd leave Sana with the neighbor's daughter to watch after her. Sana despised being looked after, and the neighbor's daughter was no exception. Her name was Elham and she was bossier than ever. With one flick of her hair, she'd have Sana pinned down and order her to shut up and watch T.V. Elham would then lock the front door and go off her friends. Sana knew her friends were usually guys but never told her parents. If there was one thing Sana never did, it was telling on others. Like her policy to always seek the truth, Sana kept others' flaws hidden. Including her own. The neighbor's also had a boy about Sana's age, Anwar. Anwar would sometimes watch T.V with Sana and would guard the house while Elham was away. With Elham away, Sana would then explore the house, searching every nook and cranny for something exciting. One evening as her parents went to attend some seminar, she went upstairs and began to look into the rooms. Elham's room always had pop posters on the walls while Anwar's was filled with video games. But the one room Sana could never access was the parent's room. She tried everything to open the door, which resulted in the breaking of several bobby pins and hair clips. As she looked down over the railing onto Anwar watching the T.V, she could see the house keys on the coffee table. A plan hatched in Sana's head and as she slide down the banister to towards the living room, the door rang. Anwar got up to answer it and left Sana along with the keys. With a quick snap of her hand, Sana acquired the keys and ran back up the steps. Her heart was pounding at the thought of opening the door and finding out what lay behind this expanse of wall. But as she inserted the key into the lock, she heard footsteps pound up the stairs. Startled, Sana dove for the hallway closet, leaving it open an inch. Elham had entered the hallway and was pulling a black-clad figure into a room. Given the awkward positioning of her head, Sana couldn't tell which direction Elham had went. A door slammed, and when the hallway became silent again, Sana carefully emerged from the closet. Looking at both ends of the hall, she slipped back towards the door and inserted the key. Giving it a twist, Sana opened the door and stepped inside.

Oh no, a cliffhanger!

Okay story time is over, you'll find out more next time I have totally nothing to talk about.

<3S- I mean, Modest Justice :D


ADK said...

:D I don't have nothing to say about this story too :D

ModestJustice said...

Double Negative!
So you do have something! Say it :]

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