Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Unsettling Dream

Asalamu Alaikum!

Okay so very unsettling dream last night .___.; I blame that Indian movie I watched before sleeping...

Apparently, me and my friend had entered this weird uhh meadow? With like a bunch of stairs. Then, I think, two Angels told us to go because it wasn't our time yet. But we walked around looking at the people and went on this staircase. It was a moving staircase and the people wearing these weird jerseys were on there. I was about to pick one up when I heard someone instructing those going to hell to wear those jerseys. So I dropped it and ran out of the staircase looking at the people going down and saw another friend! She looked so sad and I was wondering whether I'd go there or not. Then an angel approached my friend and told her she gained access into heaven and it was her time to go. I saw going to my right and I started crying. I kept making du'a while waiting for my 'verdict' but they never called it out. I saw an angel approach and kept making du'a but he just past me by. It still wasn't my time. Then I heard my alarm go off and it was time for fajr...

Very unsettling and it made me think about all the things I haven't done if I were to be taken away early in this dunya. And I was still late for Asar prayer! Astagfurillah :[
I wonder, even in the dream I asked why my other friend was going there. They, or my mind whichever, replied that she had gossiped and manipulated people. I was awestruck and frightened out of my mind.

I also blame Mumbai 2050 for that one line "Those who are taken before their time appear the same in the next life" yeah that was a reincarnation sentence but the first part was in my dream!

May Allah swt lead us all on the right path and let us treasure our time in this dunya to use it wisely for the akhira.


Note: Picture taken from Aalia's blog Chasing Jannah

Wa Salam
Modest Justice


hijabee said...

Dreams can be very scary sometimes, subhanAllah, I get the weirdest dreams sometimes.

ModestJustice said...


The good dreams come from Allah swt and the idle or evil dreams come from 'satanic whispering' or so this book said. Creepy indeed

Blabber and Ranter! said...

Hehe sis, what indian movie was it? lols, movie always end up giving me scary dreams :p

Ms.Unique said...

Yup there are 3 kinds of dreams though: 1)A glad tiding from Allah. 2)From shaytaan to distress us. 3)Our own sunconcious mind. But it's better not to relate your dream so openly especially the bad ones coz if someone interprets it then it will surely come to pass according to a hadith .....

ModestJustice said...

Blabber- It was Mumbai 2050 :] Never watching a movie before I sleep again!

Ms.Unique- Well you're making me feel better ._.

Just kidding ,thank you for the warning sister, but people actually interpret these for fun? o_o;

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