Saturday, December 27, 2008

Jumaa Prayer

Yes, yes I am aware it is 12:23 AM and I should be sleeping so I can wake up for Fajr!
But that's what alarm clocks are for :D
Today I went to my local masjid (MCA all the way!)with my mother and younger sister to pray Zuhr. It was great! :D I've been wanting to go to the masjid for the past couple of weeks now and finally my mother agreed to take me and my little sis.
She looked like a nun (I used the malay hijab style it looked nice :D) while I wore a long red tunic.
The Khutbah was how to explain to your children that Jesus (as) was one of the Greatest Prophets and how to deal with the Christmas season around us. -heh heh-

by ModestJustice

Naturally the "coat" was a longer tunic, the pants were wide-legged and I liked the flexibility. I should get more of those...
Now I wore flats but I could easily turn it into something a peer of mine would wear.
Time to head to bed -yawn-

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