Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I never see a picture of clubbing hijabis, why not?

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Yo yo yo,
What's up my homies...

Anyway the poll closed a bajillion years ago but I was caught up with school, sue me.

Buutt last week, I issued a poll about why aren't there pictures of clubbing hijabis? Are they all too smart to post their embarrassing drunk escapades to the entire world via google? Maybe.

We all know the standard answer is, no DANCING IS THE DEVIL'S FUN!

Yet,I gotta disagree, it's a great cardio workout ALONE or with your muslim gal pals. And 11 -cough- half of the number I expected-cough- of you voiced your opinionsss. Of course, the majority said Dancing is haram -in public- which I totally agree with, but who are you that voted for "I don't look in the right places" TELL ME!

But those pictures better not be disturbing.

Oh and I'm sure you're thinking, why the hell would she need a picture like that? The third option on the poll answers that. It'd be such a cool picture like those still photos (duh all photos are still) of like a couple hijabis with there arms all up in the air jumping and flashing neon lights in the background bouncing off their sequin/metallic hijabs and sunglasses or silver eyeshadow.

Just something for me to think about and one day make an imitation of in the privacy of my own home!

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Sonia said...

Funny Girl! Look in the Facebook! You'll find lovely girls with Muslim names, beer in one hand and some guy on the other hand pouting or making a kissy face.

I wanna see a hijabi with a cigarette in her hand. Did you ever see that? I had a girl in my class you used to run outside right after iftar for a smoke. Oh well, its best if we don't judge these women, as we are mere mortals.

ModestJustice said...

Hahaha! You are so right about facebook! And that smoking hijabi pic? I think I can find some... JK Hopefully I don't have any muslim friends who smoke. And of course, only Allah swt can judge; however I like a laugh now and then xD

Sonia said...

LOL at your images! Nothing like some good chai and a niqabi pole-dancer....OK that was too much fun, aghstafulah.

ModestJustice said...

maybe she gets extra dollars if she shows her hands...c:

Anonymous said...

as salama aleykoum

on sister party sometimes we dance
on wedding on the exclusive area women we dance
but i am not a good dancer at all it is just for fun

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

actually youtube hijabi disco some somaliz hvin dre own personal niqaabi discoz :s
is there nythin somaliz dnt do?

ok next I LOVE DANCIN jus nt at clubs i used 2 belly dance and was in dancin thing at school and won prizes and even did belyl dancin adn somali niiko and stuff den i became practicin
aah de fun bt i think dancin is haraam as a whole coz ur nt meant to listen 2 music ryt?
unless u plan on dancin 2 talal badru :S
i miss it tho wallah nd sometimes i do dance in private by myself bt hres where de haram cums in with musik

M.J. said...

lol, you're halarious!! i agree with you about dancing as long as it's not infront of non-mahrams. i love it! this post reminded me of my BIL since he mentioned seeing a hijabi at a club once and how he was so offended. i think it's wrong too but ya know, she wasnt the only muslim there either so it's just as wrong!

ModestJustice said...

Flifla: Wa Alaikum wa Salam
I hear you! I SUCK at dancing!

Naz: HAHAHA! Omg that cracked me up so badly. Hijabi Disco haha but those were Ethiopians.
And I wish I could belly dance, but would never have the courage to do the niiko even at an all girl's party! And I'm not even entirely sure on the whole music is haram thing. Sometimes I think there's some weird clause that says "Only if it's Arab music" with all the muslims I know, double standards much?

M.J:Haha, what was your BIL doing at a club? Just kidding I'm sure he was OUTSIDE the club at the time.

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

lool@ yh duno if it was ethioz de musik is ethio bt de flag is somali nd dey r all wearin niqaab :S
why the hell wud ethiopians hve de somali flag?
or somalis have ethio musik
lol at ud be 2 scared its fun man
bt me nd music dnt get along
coz i HAVE 2 dance
its de greatest form of excercise ever
i cud eat anythin nd nt put on ANYTHIN

Muslimah2Muslimah said...

personally, when i used to go clubbing, I wouldn't be wearing hijab. That was during my rebellious days... thank Allah that's over... As for the smoking thing, I don't think that's haram...? Although it is funny to see. But think about how many muslim brothers chain smoke outside the masjid? Nothing wrong with that, right? Just a thought...

Anonymous said...

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