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*The opinions expressed in this post are of the author solely and yes, she is in her right mind right now And although this topic may be a bit 'adult' technically the age of the author is not fully known therefore she speaks without consequences. If you don't like anti-man talk click the red button on your right. Yeah I'm lookin at you kid.*

"Oh sister! You are so beautiful! Like a houri from Jannah!"

Save it, please.

Once in a while I get irked at things I hear about Islam so that I have to double check the information because if I don't like it it's probably not true.

Like those pesky houris.

"Men will get as many women as they like in Jannah."

"Even if they had 4 in this world?"

"Especially if they had 4."

"What about the women? Don't they get some boy toy?"

-eyes narrow- "If a woman wants something like that, they're probably not going to even make it to Jannah!"

Women, as they always have, lose out in Jannah. Or so those misogynistic Imams say.

I mean really, if you look throughout history they're always been this double standards pertaining to men and women.

Men can rule countries, women are too stupid. Men can stay out till midnight, women are seen as trouble makers if they even dare to come home at 8. Men can be promiscuous and called 'libertines', promiscuous women are 'whores' (I read some 16th century books over the weekend >.>) Even though fornication is bad for both sexes.

But you're thinking, "No sister, men and women are different. They have an edge over us.

Puh-leeze, no man has an edge over me when it comes to determining who gets to go to school, have a job or even go somewhere alone.

Strength is one thing, intellect is another.

Don't bother asking which gender is smarter, that question will rage on forever meaning it's basically pointless.

Back to the main topic, in the Qur'an (not the hadiths) It simply says that we'll have other partners -no specifics to whom or how many- and that men and women will be reunited with their spouses... and then some.

I'm not going to accept those highly graphic hadiths about where men basically get to tap as much as they want with whoever they want (I even heard that the virgin boys in Jannah were for the men. THE MEN? WHY WOULD THEY NEED BOYS?! I mean I know homosexuality is haram here but allowed over there? -shudder- sorry I'm straight through this life and the next) and women get to stay in their palaces all day looking ready for their husband after he comes home from doing God knows what.

Who said being with your spouse for eternity is fun? Sometimes death is an escape for those spouses! (Okay don't start throwing popcorn at me because I don't have a husband, heck I can't even get married yet -legally in the U.S that is ;D-)

And to nearly conclude this post here is one reply from some random forum I googled:

"Asalaam wr wb women will ONLY be with one man who she will be 100% satisfied with and the happiest with in jannah just like she is happy and satisfied with one man in this world!
It does not befit a women to be with more than one man in Jannah just like it does not befit her to be with more than one man in this world! She will have young boy servants not men!
There is no such thing as sexism in Islam that is a term created by the kufaar and it applies to their society them because of the sexist societies which they live in where they are lowered so much and have no dignity or respect!
Look at history and you would know that Islam has given women MORE freedom, rights,dignity and respect than ANY other nation in the history of this earth! Jazakalah"

Hold up- who died and made you God? Even though God can't die astagfurillah. So it does not 'befit' a woman to have more than one man but a guy can sleep with just about anyone right? You want to give more power to yourself with hadiths and keep the women locked in a tiny cupboard because they can control themselves (true)unlike you, you filthy animal. Like that T.I song "You can have whatever you like" I'll be sure to get whatever I want. And if that happens to be more than just my husband THAN SO BE IT!

"Just because I hide my sexuality doesn't mean I don't have any!"

xoxo Modest Jusitce


Sonia said...

Modest Justice darling, thats some serious thinking girl! Its quite amusing that you read 16th century literature for fun over the weekend :)

Men don't want women to get educated because its a serious threat to illiterate men's ego. Therefore Taliban say no to women getting educated, or working or having equal rights whatsoever. Why do you think Saudi Arabia has to rely heavily on expats for many key functions of their economy, because their boys are damn lazy and they won't let girls work. They have some very bright women there, and guess what they are doing? Having kids, cooking, eating and sleeping. Is that a productive society? Properly educated society will find balance between being modern/educated and being religious.

Almallena said...

Asalaam Walikum sis. I agree with you and disagree with you. But mashAllah for your thinking and postings :).

Ok sis what is allowed and whats forbidden is in the Quran and that cant not be disputed. On the other hand some hadiths can be disputed. I've noticed that you referenced a lot of cultural practices and not Islam. Yes a lot of men today are sexist, yes that is the word. Its not just made up by kuffars it is what some of our own men think and practice astrugallah. Men arent allowed to be all out at night either, for it it clearly stated that the night is for mischief, which goes for both genders. And men arent allowed to go having a whole bunch of women either. Sister you have to realize that this practice of polygamy has been going way back before the Quran was revealed, and its even studied by non muslims that this practice is something biological. But we dont have to put up with being a co-wfe, we do have the right to be a single wife. So sis I really suggest that you not listen to men and just read for yourself, which you already mentioned. Its sad I feel, I understand somewhat where your coming from, but a lot of what your stating is culture not Islam. :)

Mona said...

Sometimes I wonder how it would be in Jennah if I make the list, I heard once that women will be wearing hijab. STILL? REALLY? I don't know if it's true but I assume IF I get in I'll be happy no matter what cause it's Paradise.

*~Ange~* said...

i hear so many different things.

i asked an iman once "what do we get if our husbands get so many virgins?"

he answered..

"women get their jealousy taken away".

i felt like that was a cheap shot and a crap deal.

malekat_el7oriya said...

lol..."just because i hide my sexuality doesn't mean i don't have any!" :)
sorry, I'll be more serious. Nice and very well-written. :) i totally agree with your point of view/attitude towards those type of men.

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

haha wallah i love you
ur so awesome
i totally agree 100%
bt dont try reasoning with those "sheikhs" they are the true definition of take some and leave some
some arab sheikh did a whole lecture on how aparently women speak before they think regardless of the fact that there is no scientific/religious evidence for his "islamic" claim
im so glad somali guys r nt so weird
wen it cums 2 like men and women issues
or id go insane

Muslimah2Muslimah said...

I actualy read an interesting article regarding the houris and whether women get them or not. It was by Yusef Islam.. Hope this isnt too long, but it made sense to me:

(Q) Salam Alaikum, my name is Saba, and I am a student - I would ask, I would like to ask you a question, Zakir Bhai. A man will have ‘Hoors’, that is beautiful maidens when he enters Paradise - What will a woman get when she enters Paradise?

(A)(Dr. Zakir) The sister has posed a question, that when a man enters Paradise, he will get ‘Hoor’… that is a beautiful maiden - What will the woman get, when she enters Paradise? The Qur’an has mentioned the word ‘Hoor’, in no less than 4 diffrent places.
It is mentioned in Surah Dukhan, Ch. No. 44, Verse No. 54, it is mentioned Surah Tur, in Ch. No. 52, Verse No. 20, it is mentioned in Surah Rehman, Ch. No. 55, Verse No. 72, as well as in Surah Waqia, Ch. No.56, Verse No. 22, and many of the translations, specially the Urdu translations have translated the word ‘Hoor’, as beautiful maiden. If the word ‘Hoor’, means a beautiful maiden… it means a beautiful maiden, then what will the woman get, in Paradise? Actually the word ‘Hoor’, is a plural for ‘Ahwar’, which is applicable to the man, and ‘Hawar’, which is applicable to the women. And it signifies the characteristic of ‘Hawar’, which means ‘big, white beautiful eye’, and describes especially, the whiteness of the eye. The similar thing is mentioned as ‘Azwajur Muthaharin’ in many places in the Qur’an, in Surah Baqrah, Ch. No. 2, Verse No. 25, and in Surah Nisa, Ch. No. 4, Verse No. 57 - It says... ‘Azwajur Muthaharin’, which means companion, pair. So the word ‘Hoor’, is rightly translated by Mohammed Asad as… ‘Spouse’ and also by Abdullah Yusuf Ali… Abdullah Yusuf Ali as… ‘Companion’ - So ‘Hoor’ actually means a ‘Companion’ or a ‘Spouse’ - It has no gender. For the man, he will get a good lady with big beautiful eyes - and for a woman, she will get a good man with big beautiful eyes. I hope that answers the question.

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