Thursday, March 26, 2009

Guess who's getting engaged?!

So I've been semi-planning this event for tomorrow and I'm semi-impressed. My friend and her MSA invited my MSA to it tomorrow.

By the way I'm not engaged, I just needed a header :P

We're having a two week late Mawlid Luncheon meet & greet thing tomorrow and with the regulars at my MSA we're going to head over to a lovely park and have some food. Yummmmm -drool- food

The catch (there's always a catch) is that everyone has to bring a little something something so we're not standing around a table with soda and no food.

I'm on the cheap side (seeing as how my networth is below $5 at the moment)and I'm opting for pizza. If I had any spectacular cooking skills I'd whip up some rice and chicken but that's not that case.

Time to pick out my prettiest casual dress and I want to wear earrings with my hijab but the way I wrap would leave my neck uncovered in more than one place.

Uhhh what else shall I say? Will this one post appease you until next week? Probably not, I've just been swamped with projects and VH1 (bad show network I know, but I only watch the 'I love the new millenium' series)Oh yeah...

Naz and A'qilah from that one blog over thar' haha, YOU NEED TO ADD MY E-MAIL because although you adore my comments as much as I adore yours' I can't comment on a private blog :D

Peace and love,
Modest Justice


Lisa said...

I was so excited for you there for a second. About th engagement :) I always missed wearing earrings, that and not swimming was the only tough thing about hijab. Alas, the good thing is it's harder for them to fall off under hijab. I hope things go well with the pizza. I think people will be so happy about it, particularly the kids. Biryani is nice and all, but kids love pizza :) Love you!

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

OMG U ARE NOT ADDED?? how could habibty could you leave your email on my blog? here for the hereafter. love you <3333 (:


ModestJustice said...

Lisa- Oh my God, I feel like I'm much too young to be married but the excitement is mutual ^_^ And yes it was a success :D

A'qilah- Well you guys are public now so alas, I can comment :D

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